Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29th - Monsoon Season has started!!

We've had a wet few past days and I couldn't be more excited! While my companion may not like getting wet I have a great time with it haha. Can't wait to see how the monsoons here compare to those up in Tucson. I'm just glad that I will still be getting them here!

So I must apologize. I read over my email that I sent you last week and it was kind of pretty much super lame and I forgot a lot of important things. So last Saturday we were called and asked to give talks the next morning in the Spanish branch. I've only given 2 talks on the mission so that was fun! I talked about the Holy Ghost and it went so well! I actually had to cut it short. Never thought that would happen. Also on the spot I was asked to play the piano because the person who comes in and does it didn't show up that week. My piano skills are coming in handy! I'll be doing a special musical number PROBABLY next week with the missionaries in the branch. I've got the song pretty much down now I believe.

Okay so this week we found 4 new investigators, one of which is beyond awesome. Her name is Melissa and her aunt is a member of the ward here. She is super sweet and is really interested in learning more! We'll be seeing her on Wednesday :) can't wait!

Mercedes came to church on Sunday! She looked so cute too. She is going to be baptized on July 18th. We are really excited for her :)  Her grandma came too and we'll be seeing them tonight. The work really is going great here. We're on fire! Even with losing Monday for the conference we still had 23 lessons and hit 6 "members present".   :) We took members out 11 times last week so we are really working hard!

We weeded a less active member's home this past week with the elders. Took nearly 3 hours and afterwards we said we'd treat them to Subway. Well, we went there and a member from the Prudence Ward in Tucson said, "Elders, I'll buy you lunch today." We turn around and the elders weren't even wearing their name tags. I asked her, "How did you know they were missionaries?" (We were still in our service clothes). She said, "Sisters! I didn't know they had sisters out here now!" Haha, but then she continued to say,"You can just tell. You don't need name tags for people to recognize you and who you stand for." It was a super special experience. She bought all of us Subway. She was so sweet :) I just wish I could remember her is killing me.

We played dominoes at the Nursing Home here with Emma (an 86-year old lady they visit). My first time playing dominoes for real haha. I won both games! Who knew I was a master domino player. She said, "Didn't you know you're supposed to let me win?" Haha :P I'll remember that for when we go back on Saturday.

Okay 10 points for me, I sent a much better email this week. You're welcome!
Love your guts! Talk to you very soon! Thanks for the picture of Laurel at the temple :)  Made my heart so happy! Wish I could have been there but in the end all that matters is that she is making that decision in her life. She is amazing! Can't wait for Hermana Martin the Second to start her adventure!  (For those who don't know, Sierra's sister Laurel just received her mission call to Alabama Birmingham mission, spanish-speaking.  She leaves 8 weeks before Sierra gets home).  

Hermana Martin the First

Doing some serious yard work!

Sierra's new investigator Melissa

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