Friday, October 31, 2014

October 27th - My Week!!!

Hello hello!! Another beautiful week has come and gone in Tucson. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I'm still unsure how Monday got here so fast. Crazy!! Tomorrow is my 5 months mark and I still truly feel like I'm a brand new missionary. Yet I'm getting to be an old one! How disgusting.

Paulina came to church yesterday and her baptism is next week :) we are so excited for her and can't wait for her baptism! I'm doing a piano piece with the little sister of her friends in the ward. Really excited for that too! Surprisingly haha! Piano still scares me. I played for Zone Conference this past week and it actually went really well!  Learned the Arizona Tucson Mission Song in less than 24 hours. So stressful! Haha

Veronica is also progressing toward baptism. We have begun teaching Maria's daughter and we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give them a co-baptismal date so we will be doing that this next week! This way Maria can feel really comfortable for her baptism and she can do it with her daughter :)

I think I've talked about Tony before...I hope so! He is friends with Brother Long (Israel's friend) and he lost both his legs because of diabetes. His whole legs :( he lost the 1st 2 weeks ago and the other this past week. We've been visiting him and he is the cutest man ever. He calls us his 3 angels sent from God and he absolutely lightens up my day. His faith and trust in God is unlike anyone I've ever seen. He wants to get baptized after he recovers :) 

Helped change my first tire this past week for a member! The elders taught us. Yep. That's all.

We've started something called Homeless Contacting. We are going to give out granola bars, water bottles, and maybe a sweet or two in a bag with a pass along card and we hope to brighten people's days! We had a great experience where we got to help this woman named Randi. She is so sweet and I'm grateful we got to help her.

Things are great here! We have the temple dedication in Phoenix here soon. 

Hermana Martin

The trio with Hermana Maciel.

"Clergy parking.  I felt like a boss!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20th - Hello Family!!

Hey!!   So to explain the video; (Sierra had a member shoot a video of her and 4 other sister missionaries singing "Happy Birthday" to me and send it to my phone.)  I don't know why, but all week I was thinking about mom's birthday and what I could do. I don't know, just really wishing I could give her something to show her how much I love her for all the support she gives me. Well, we were dropping off Sam after she came to a lesson with us and I asked if we could send my mom a birthday video. Everyone got so excited!! I hope it made you smile mom :) I loved knowing in only a few moments you would be seeing that video.

Lots of stuff this week. Where to start?!

Alicia and Luis accepted a baptismal date for November 14th but recently have been too busy to see us. It is hard but we are just praying that we can see them soon. 

On the bright side, all my prayers for Paulina and constantly sending her messages came around! She texted me and said, "Hey Hermana Martin, you should come see me." Well, we did this past weekend. She is ready now. She asked, "When can I get baptized." Oh my gosh!! We're seeing her on Tuesday :D to plan a date!

Also, Veronica texted us last night, "I was just talking with Israel and Brother Long about being baptized on 11/15 and they think it is a good idea what do you gals think?" WHAT THE?!?? Haha we freaked! I am so excited for everyone progressing here! 

Maria is still full speed ahead for November 8th :) 

Israel went to the temple this past weekend and loved it. He is currently preparing to get the Priesthood :) I simply cannot wait for that day!

Things are awesome :) miss you all like crazy. Have an awesome week!! 

Hermana Martin 

Doing some improv yard work.

At a ward Halloween party with some investigators

The trio!

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th - My week!!! :D

Oh man. Sometimes I feel like P Days just sneak up on me. Then other days I feel like some weeks are so eventful and awesome that they just keep going and going! We figured out that today is my 1/4th way mark. Really super strange. I don't like it.

My week! We went and saw Israel in the hospital on Wednesday. He had a stroke :( he is doing a lot better now. He was able to make it to the Stake BBQ on Saturday though so it was awesome! He is going with the men of the ward to the Phoenix Temple open house this Saturday!!

Other attenders at the BBQ: Maria and Sonia and also Angel+Family!!
Maria has a baptismal date for November 8th!!! She went to church for the first time yesterday. When we went and saw her later that afternoon she told us that she knows that it is all true!! Everything we've taught her! It has been a 180. Now she is asking us questions. Making comments. Going back over scriptures we read together. It is amazing :) could not be happier.

Sonia came to church on Sunday as well!! Conference really changed her whole life around. She also bought tickets to go see the open house for the Phoenix Temple!! 
Angel has a temple recommend and should be going there in the near future :) super excited for her. I love seeing her so much and the whole family. They are all so strong!

I love that you didn't include this in your letter, but I can't help myself.....BYU LOST TO USU AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a member who just joined our branch this past week tell me who just moved here from Logan. Heck yea!!! GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to eat at the Medina's this past week and we got dared to eat a Chili Serrano. Oh. My. Lanta. I can't even tell you...only Hermana Erickson and I did it and I was praying for death. Hurt so bad!!! But! The surprise at the end with this tradition is that whoever does it get $20. Wahoo!!! We won't starve!! ;)

Went knocking this past week. Samantha and I split up and we saw so many miracles!! In an hour and a half we talked to 20 people: 7 potentials for us and 2 for the English elders!! Absolutely amazing!
Also, went to go try a less active (wasn't there :( ) and while leaving I saw a man inside his house painting. I've been trying to be more bold lately :P so I yelled at him! Well, now we are going over to help him paint today and to teach his wife and him!! Then after we are seeing Luis and Alicia :) we are giving them a baptismal date. Wish us luck!
Also, I was thinking about Paulina all morning :( I shot her another text and she responded 5 minutes later! We are seeing her on Wednesday :D

So much!!! I'll stop there. I'm super happy :) love what I'm doing!!! Praying for even more miracles this week!!

Hermana Martin

Stake BBQ - Sierra with Angel and her kids.

Sierra and Hermana Dickson with Israel and his son and caregiver.

Eating a chile serrano!

Her reward!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 6th - : Hey!! Awesome Conference Weekend!!

I figured ya'll would be at the cabin during conference! My mind turned to you at the end of the closing prayer for the first session of conference when he prayed for the missionaries and for their families. Miss you all like crazy. At the same time, can't believe how fast 4 months has flown. How is it October?!
Hermana Magallanes is a strong missionary. I'm working way harder than I did the last 2 transfers. It is really nice though :) 
Where to start!!! Probably the beginning...
Maria has a baptismal date!!! She is about 70 and is on dialysis and just the sweetest lady. This past Wednesday she accepted a baptismal date and will be baptized November 1st! She was in the hospital this past weekend so she couldn't make it to Conference. Last night, after she was released, Hermano Medina and Hermano Minch came over and gave her a blessing. It was amazing!! Can't wait for her to keep learning!
Israel came to the first session of Conference. He was going to have to umpire a softball game but one of the teams had 5 LDS girls who all decided to go to Conference instead. Because of their faith and example they answered my prayers so that he could come to a session of Conference. Young Women of the church are certainly rising up!
We watched Conference in English but slipped out to watch the first talk in Spanish ever in General Conference. You should have seen our members' faces watching Conference in their native language. They we beaming!! Definitely an experience I will always remember :)
The last session of Conference as we were heading inside, I saw a face that (apparently, don't remember this) made me jump up and down like a 5 year old on Christmas and start running. Our neighbor Sonia, who has been inactive since high school, who hasn't seen a Conference since then, who we talk to almost every night about church, who we had invited to Conference (who I did not think would come) was standing there smiling at me. I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug I may have given in my life. She said she's never seen ANYONE that excited to see her in her life. She had watched the first session at home and she said, "President Eyring was talking to everyone, but I truly felt like he was talking only to me." We are now going to start doing scripture study with her. Our consistent inviting has brought her to feel the spirit for the first time in nearly a decade.
Last night, while planning for today, we got a text from Luis. We contacted him nearly 2 weeks ago and have since been unable to find him at home. He texted us last night and asked when we could come. He even gave us the code for the apartment complex where he lives. Absolutely a miracle :) we will be seeing him and his family tomorrow.

Could not be happier!! All is well here :) I hope to hear from everyone soon!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra and other sister missionaries at the General Women's Broadcast

"Remember the puppies? (Aug. 11 post)  They're not puppies any more!!!!!"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 30th - Curve Ball!!!

That is exactly what this past weekend has felt like. I knew that transfers were coming and I was really sad about that. When we were on our way home from Women’s Conference, we got the call. Hermana Ramos would be going to Sahuarita, English-speaking. My turn...ready to find out who is my 'dad'. So I was told I would be in a trio. Cool!!   Another trio :D   How much fun right?! I found out Hermana Magallanes (my former Sister Training Leader) would be coming in for her last transfer!!!   Then I was told something that made my heart race and I didn't know how to react. I was going to be training. I can't even believe it. I am at 4 months?!  President told Hermana Magallanes I was very mature and definitely ready for this. I feel so unqualified. But maybe that is how the Lord intended it haha!!   In the 12 week program it says to be ready at the end and use it as if you would train after the 12 weeks. It is so far and between I never ever would have guessed that would be me.  The next youngest missionary training has 9 months in the mission. I feel so lost and freaking out. But, I am going forward and realizing that God knows so much more than me. Hermana Erickson is the best :D we already are so excited for this transfer ahead! She is a Visa waiter for Panama so she won't be here for terribly long, but I am so touched that I get to help her get on the right foot for the rest of her mission!!

Angel was baptized this past week!!!   She cried happy tears for the first time in her life. As I sat in church, watching her get confirmed, with D'Angelo (Angel's son, Sierra's first baptism) sitting up there, to pass the Sacrament, I felt this overwhelming peace come to me with the stress of knowing I would be training. All will be okay :)    And now I am so happy. Can't wait for the next 2 transfers!!

We found a family this past week!! While on exchanges, I followed a prompting to say yes to going to lunch with a sister (even though we were broke, sorry had to use my card haha). When going to pick her up, we contacted a man named Luis working outside. He was very interested and gave us his house number and told us his work schedule!! We went by and he wasn't there but his wife said that he had already talked to her about it and said to come back. So stoked!!! :D

Really happy for Conference this weekend!! Wish I could go but I can't wait to watch it with Israel and others for the first time in their lives.  :D
Have a great week!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra and Hermana Ramos with Angel, holding the flowers they got her for her baptism.

Sierra's trainer and first companion in the field, Hermana Ramos, signing Sierra's mission quilt after transfers on Monday. 

Sierra with her new companions - a happy trio!  
Hermana Erickson, who Sierra is now training while she waits for her VISA to Panama;
and Hermana Magallanes, who is on the last transfer of her mission, and was Sierra's Sister Training Leader previously.