Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 30th - Curve Ball!!!

That is exactly what this past weekend has felt like. I knew that transfers were coming and I was really sad about that. When we were on our way home from Women’s Conference, we got the call. Hermana Ramos would be going to Sahuarita, English-speaking. My turn...ready to find out who is my 'dad'. So I was told I would be in a trio. Cool!!   Another trio :D   How much fun right?! I found out Hermana Magallanes (my former Sister Training Leader) would be coming in for her last transfer!!!   Then I was told something that made my heart race and I didn't know how to react. I was going to be training. I can't even believe it. I am at 4 months?!  President told Hermana Magallanes I was very mature and definitely ready for this. I feel so unqualified. But maybe that is how the Lord intended it haha!!   In the 12 week program it says to be ready at the end and use it as if you would train after the 12 weeks. It is so far and between I never ever would have guessed that would be me.  The next youngest missionary training has 9 months in the mission. I feel so lost and freaking out. But, I am going forward and realizing that God knows so much more than me. Hermana Erickson is the best :D we already are so excited for this transfer ahead! She is a Visa waiter for Panama so she won't be here for terribly long, but I am so touched that I get to help her get on the right foot for the rest of her mission!!

Angel was baptized this past week!!!   She cried happy tears for the first time in her life. As I sat in church, watching her get confirmed, with D'Angelo (Angel's son, Sierra's first baptism) sitting up there, to pass the Sacrament, I felt this overwhelming peace come to me with the stress of knowing I would be training. All will be okay :)    And now I am so happy. Can't wait for the next 2 transfers!!

We found a family this past week!! While on exchanges, I followed a prompting to say yes to going to lunch with a sister (even though we were broke, sorry had to use my card haha). When going to pick her up, we contacted a man named Luis working outside. He was very interested and gave us his house number and told us his work schedule!! We went by and he wasn't there but his wife said that he had already talked to her about it and said to come back. So stoked!!! :D

Really happy for Conference this weekend!! Wish I could go but I can't wait to watch it with Israel and others for the first time in their lives.  :D
Have a great week!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra and Hermana Ramos with Angel, holding the flowers they got her for her baptism.

Sierra's trainer and first companion in the field, Hermana Ramos, signing Sierra's mission quilt after transfers on Monday. 

Sierra with her new companions - a happy trio!  
Hermana Erickson, who Sierra is now training while she waits for her VISA to Panama;
and Hermana Magallanes, who is on the last transfer of her mission, and was Sierra's Sister Training Leader previously.

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