Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20th - Hello Family!!

Hey!!   So to explain the video; (Sierra had a member shoot a video of her and 4 other sister missionaries singing "Happy Birthday" to me and send it to my phone.)  I don't know why, but all week I was thinking about mom's birthday and what I could do. I don't know, just really wishing I could give her something to show her how much I love her for all the support she gives me. Well, we were dropping off Sam after she came to a lesson with us and I asked if we could send my mom a birthday video. Everyone got so excited!! I hope it made you smile mom :) I loved knowing in only a few moments you would be seeing that video.

Lots of stuff this week. Where to start?!

Alicia and Luis accepted a baptismal date for November 14th but recently have been too busy to see us. It is hard but we are just praying that we can see them soon. 

On the bright side, all my prayers for Paulina and constantly sending her messages came around! She texted me and said, "Hey Hermana Martin, you should come see me." Well, we did this past weekend. She is ready now. She asked, "When can I get baptized." Oh my gosh!! We're seeing her on Tuesday :D to plan a date!

Also, Veronica texted us last night, "I was just talking with Israel and Brother Long about being baptized on 11/15 and they think it is a good idea what do you gals think?" WHAT THE?!?? Haha we freaked! I am so excited for everyone progressing here! 

Maria is still full speed ahead for November 8th :) 

Israel went to the temple this past weekend and loved it. He is currently preparing to get the Priesthood :) I simply cannot wait for that day!

Things are awesome :) miss you all like crazy. Have an awesome week!! 

Hermana Martin 

Doing some improv yard work.

At a ward Halloween party with some investigators

The trio!

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