Friday, October 31, 2014

October 27th - My Week!!!

Hello hello!! Another beautiful week has come and gone in Tucson. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I'm still unsure how Monday got here so fast. Crazy!! Tomorrow is my 5 months mark and I still truly feel like I'm a brand new missionary. Yet I'm getting to be an old one! How disgusting.

Paulina came to church yesterday and her baptism is next week :) we are so excited for her and can't wait for her baptism! I'm doing a piano piece with the little sister of her friends in the ward. Really excited for that too! Surprisingly haha! Piano still scares me. I played for Zone Conference this past week and it actually went really well!  Learned the Arizona Tucson Mission Song in less than 24 hours. So stressful! Haha

Veronica is also progressing toward baptism. We have begun teaching Maria's daughter and we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give them a co-baptismal date so we will be doing that this next week! This way Maria can feel really comfortable for her baptism and she can do it with her daughter :)

I think I've talked about Tony before...I hope so! He is friends with Brother Long (Israel's friend) and he lost both his legs because of diabetes. His whole legs :( he lost the 1st 2 weeks ago and the other this past week. We've been visiting him and he is the cutest man ever. He calls us his 3 angels sent from God and he absolutely lightens up my day. His faith and trust in God is unlike anyone I've ever seen. He wants to get baptized after he recovers :) 

Helped change my first tire this past week for a member! The elders taught us. Yep. That's all.

We've started something called Homeless Contacting. We are going to give out granola bars, water bottles, and maybe a sweet or two in a bag with a pass along card and we hope to brighten people's days! We had a great experience where we got to help this woman named Randi. She is so sweet and I'm grateful we got to help her.

Things are great here! We have the temple dedication in Phoenix here soon. 

Hermana Martin

The trio with Hermana Maciel.

"Clergy parking.  I felt like a boss!"

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