Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th - My week!!! :D

Oh man. Sometimes I feel like P Days just sneak up on me. Then other days I feel like some weeks are so eventful and awesome that they just keep going and going! We figured out that today is my 1/4th way mark. Really super strange. I don't like it.

My week! We went and saw Israel in the hospital on Wednesday. He had a stroke :( he is doing a lot better now. He was able to make it to the Stake BBQ on Saturday though so it was awesome! He is going with the men of the ward to the Phoenix Temple open house this Saturday!!

Other attenders at the BBQ: Maria and Sonia and also Angel+Family!!
Maria has a baptismal date for November 8th!!! She went to church for the first time yesterday. When we went and saw her later that afternoon she told us that she knows that it is all true!! Everything we've taught her! It has been a 180. Now she is asking us questions. Making comments. Going back over scriptures we read together. It is amazing :) could not be happier.

Sonia came to church on Sunday as well!! Conference really changed her whole life around. She also bought tickets to go see the open house for the Phoenix Temple!! 
Angel has a temple recommend and should be going there in the near future :) super excited for her. I love seeing her so much and the whole family. They are all so strong!

I love that you didn't include this in your letter, but I can't help myself.....BYU LOST TO USU AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a member who just joined our branch this past week tell me who just moved here from Logan. Heck yea!!! GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to eat at the Medina's this past week and we got dared to eat a Chili Serrano. Oh. My. Lanta. I can't even tell you...only Hermana Erickson and I did it and I was praying for death. Hurt so bad!!! But! The surprise at the end with this tradition is that whoever does it get $20. Wahoo!!! We won't starve!! ;)

Went knocking this past week. Samantha and I split up and we saw so many miracles!! In an hour and a half we talked to 20 people: 7 potentials for us and 2 for the English elders!! Absolutely amazing!
Also, went to go try a less active (wasn't there :( ) and while leaving I saw a man inside his house painting. I've been trying to be more bold lately :P so I yelled at him! Well, now we are going over to help him paint today and to teach his wife and him!! Then after we are seeing Luis and Alicia :) we are giving them a baptismal date. Wish us luck!
Also, I was thinking about Paulina all morning :( I shot her another text and she responded 5 minutes later! We are seeing her on Wednesday :D

So much!!! I'll stop there. I'm super happy :) love what I'm doing!!! Praying for even more miracles this week!!

Hermana Martin

Stake BBQ - Sierra with Angel and her kids.

Sierra and Hermana Dickson with Israel and his son and caregiver.

Eating a chile serrano!

Her reward!

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