Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22 - My awesome week!!!

I miss you all so much, but I could not be happier here. The fact that I will be at 4 months next week just blows my mind. Has it felt like that long for you? And it makes me heart happy that you all earnestly wait for my letters :) I am diligent with letter writing to you because I feel it is the only way I can express my ever growing love for you all while I'm here. I can't believe it has gotten stronger since I left.

So on Monday, we went to Pinnacle Peak with the Pineda Family. Steak house!!  Yeah, we are spoiled, but they love us haha. It was so good!! And the inside smelled like a cabin. Then I thought of all of you going to the cabin and I was super duper jealous haha. Cabin fever!!!

Sam (Samantha is a girl Sierra is teaching piano to) learned "Praise to the Man" this past week so we will keep practicing it with "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" then we are going to do a rendition of it in church some time in October probably. Should be a lot of fun!!! :D

Veronica (Israel's caregiver) had us come over earlier this week and she said she is ready to start taking the lessons!! She said don't pressure her to be baptized. She wants it, but it will take time. I'm so happy for her that she is starting to let God into her life. Keep her in your prayers!

The Gila Valley Temple was such a wonderful experience this past week!! It had been nearly 3 months since I had last been so I really loved to go there. Pictures to come! PS when you have 3 sisters and 9 elders in a mission van together. Oh man, memories happen haha!

We had an awesome experience this past week! We had 2 hours without appointments and we went finding crazy. We talked to a man named Geraldo who, when we put his name in the phone, was already in there!! But we don't have a teaching record for him. He said he's talked to missionaries before and he wants to give it another go. We then found Tina, a recovering addict. We then tried to see David and Jorge and on the way I saw him leaving in a car with his brother to work. So, I did what I do, and chased them down. We are seeing them on Tuesday. Absolute miracle! We also ran into Shantinell, who we found last week and she told us the elders have been seeing her and she was going to church!! So awesome!!

We saw Maria again this week. We went over on Sunday to pick her up and she was all dressed up and so ready to go! But her daughter never came back from work and she had her 9 month old grandson, Mateo, and no carseat. She was heartbroken. We will plan better next week.

Angel's baptism is this week. Still waiting to figure out if it is Thursday or Saturday. We worked out with her this morning, trying to help her find a hobby. Super fun!
Well, all is well in Zion!! Hope to hear from everyone soon!!

Hermana Martin
Alma 5:49

Sierra, Hermana Ramos, and the Pineda kids at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Sierra and Hermana Ramos at the Gila Valley Arizona temple

Gila Valley temple

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