Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th

Wow!!!  Look at you all partying hard haha!! Been going around like crazy! Jealous about the Eagles concert. That must have been super awesome. And I like the idea of blaming ya'll for me being sick. I wasn't doing well that weekend but I didn't take care of it and it got bad. It was a rough week. On Saturday I couldn't talk at all except if I whispered. Pretty entertaining. My voice is pretty much back thank heavens! I kind of need that ;) 

Thank you for all the topics!! (Craig sends Sierra notes on different topics he is studying in his scriptures).  I'll be printing those out today :) missionary heaven!!! So I got mom's letter on Saturday (the day I didn't have my voice). The elders were standing outside to get some papers, when I read the part about Hilary (a young lady from our ward whose baby just got his heart transplant) and made a very raspy but enthusiastic scream! I loved the update you also gave me today! My companions from the MTC have been praying for her since they got out to their missions as well. The elders were involved too. I can't wait to email them today to give them the good news!!

Oh man, my week! Sorry...not too many things to update ya'll on. Israel's baptism is on Saturday :) I still can't believe it is actually here! We made it to his house on Saturday night and right after we arrived they called 911. They thought he was having a heart attack. He is doing well now. He has been having a lot of heart problems. Praying that all will be well for his baptism on Saturday.

So I have been playing the piano in Primary the past couple of weeks and I also actually played in Sacrament Meeting this past week. The only other person in the branch who can play couldn't be there this past week and she has also been wanting to go to Relief Society. 
I have the world's funniest story to tell you. I was playing the piano in Primary and they said they wanted to sing "Once there was a Snowman". I was confused, they still sing that here is Tucson?! Weird. Okay! SO I played it and at the end the kids were on the ground. Then they yelled, "Verse 2!" Huh...? I start playing (the kids are still on the ground). "Once there was a cactus, cactus, cactus, Once there was a cactus, small small small small! In the sun he grew and grew and grew and in the sun he grew, tall tall tall!!" I was laughing so hard I could barely play haha!!!!!!!!! Only in Arizona. Made my day!!

I've been told this is our last week of rain, then we'll hardly see it until next year. has rained almost every day this week. Going to miss it.

Write soon!!!
Hermana Martin

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