Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25th

Thanks for the email update! Glad everything with the cruise went well and you all had a great time. I anxiously await pictures!

MOM!!!! You are supposed to skate on the ice, not fall!!! (mom fell ice skating and gave herself a concussion)  Oh man  :(    Wish I was there to bring you Panda and make you smile. I hope my pictures can do that for you. I've had an amazing week!

With the letters, we are trying to figure it out. 8 letters have now gotten returned. I am tempted to have you just put up my actual address. That may be the best thing to do right now, if you could put it on FB!

I'm glad you got the pictures from H'ma Burrola! She didn't have a '1' candle so I got to be 20 again ;) super fun.
I waited until my birthday and opened the birthday package :) absolutely loved it!!! And dad, at first (with your email last week) I figured you meant the Old Testament books were your idea. Then I saw the Yankees shirt...oh my lanta I love it! Wear it like every day haha. And the white shirt you picked out is perfect!! And the airy material makes it okay to wear even now :) you are all the best! Miss you so much!

I had some elders ask me about my necklace. "Hey! Sister Passey has the same one!" Haha! Glad she is wearing it!

Your birthday video was the best!!! I may or may not have cried....not telling.

ANYWAYS!!! D'Angelo's baptism was this past week!!!! He asked me to give the prayer and H'ma Ramos and I gave a talk as well!!  I can't even begin to tell you how it felt. I love that family so much! Angel and her now husband will be getting baptized in September :) I will add more details in your letter.  Promise!

We had another day of miracles this past week!!! We went to see Chino at 1 and we had an amazing lesson! We taught the Restoration and he also told us a summary of "The Testimony of Joseph Smith"! He is praying right now about a baptismal date for September 20!!!! At the end, he told us he was worried he was going to miss us because he had something come up and he has to be somewhere at 2 (which is when the appointment was). We brushed it off, but when we got in the car to see what we had at 2 it was Chino. We had just checked it!!! Both of us, we had Chino at 1! (Or so we thought!) God helps us to forget sometimes ;) Then that night, we were on the steps of Israel's apartment waiting for him to come back from an open house for Dominique's school. While there, some boys needed us to move to get up the stairs. We then asked if one of them was Jorque, who we've been trying to see for weeks (Elder Ferguson contacted him). It was David's brother. H'ma Ramos went to get a phone call and I contacted him and Jorque! We were then invited inside, shared the message of The Book of Mormon with them and their mom Miriam, and we are seeing them on Tuesday!!!!
With good comes bad. We will be dropping Andres this Saturday (the man from Africa). Turns out he was interested in me, not the message. He is dad's age. Also an English pass off was also just wanting to keep seeing 'the sisters' and yea....frustrating. Going to try and look more homely from now on.
Things are great here :) I shall send pictures and more stories in my letters. Love you all! And I miss you so much!!!!!!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra at her birthday "party" given by Sister Burrola

Probably Sierra's favorite gift in her birthday box!

D'Angelo's baptism

Sierra with D'Angelo

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