Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 19

Hello hello!! Oh it is so good always to hear from you :) weird that you won't be on today (we were on a cruise)  BUT I have a million emails to respond to so that is okay! I got the birthday package and the cami package this past weekend. Oh man that birthday package is tempting...but I shall be patient and wait for Friday!! (her 21st birthday!) Love you so much :) and mom thank you for the camis and your kick butt letter!! Also the blouse is SO freaking cute :) going to wear it tomorrow.

I went to the transfer site this morning to help a sister with her stuff and went up to Sister Passey and gave her a hug! First thing she said, "Oh my gosh, your necklace!! That is just the cutest thing ever!" "Well I'm glad you think so (reach for my bag) because I have one here for you!" Oh you should have seen her face! She told me to tell you thanks :D and she put it on while we were talking! Sister Ramos also loves hers :) I've been wearing mine EVERY day haha!

Oh man, I'll put most of my stuff in the letter. I like those more :) as you well know. Your adventures sound so fun! And thank you for the pictures!! Made my life :D Can't wait for the cruise pictures.

So I gave 2 talks this past weekend! In 2 languages that were not my own. I gave a talk about Fear with Missionary Work in the Spanish Branch. Went so awesome! Members couldn't stop telling me after how much my Spanish is improving! And then I gave a talk about Honesty and Integrity in the Deaf Branch.   :D   I signed part of it and then used an interpreter for the other part. They loved me so much! I got to talk for Hermana Ramos and it was so fun! Hermana Ramos then told me after, "That must be how you feel with Spanish huh." Thank the heavens she understands now!!!!!!! Good times.

So last Monday at P Day, we were at Zone sports and Elder Tao (Millionaire boxer from Tahiti that gave it up to serve a mission :) such a stud) challenged me to a boxing match. know me. So I went for it! He wasn't hitting me, then I side swiped him and got him in the nose and he started bleeding. "Now we are getting somewhere!" So we full on boxed! Oh of course he wasn't really trying, but man that was hard! I was so sore the next day. My cheek didn't have feeling for a few hours after one hit. Super fun!
I'll send you pictures now and tell you about the monsoon we were caught in last night in your letter! Super scary, but we survived :)
Love you all! Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Hermana Martin

Hermana Martin and Hermana Ramos

The aftermath of getting caught in a monsoon!

Two soaking wet sister missionaries.

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