Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11th

That is so cool about dad's mission reunion! I told Sister Ramos about that and she said, "Can you imagine us a few decades down the road doing that?" Haha! Weird thought. The idea of going to mission reunions is still weird. I am going to get to stay here forever right? 

 I'm so grateful for your package. Seeing pictures from home was a huge comfort.
Do you all really get that into me sending hand written letters? Haha! Okay, I will keep up on doing them :) I'm glad that you like them! I sent one off mid last week, hopefully you get it before the cruise. I will send you one this week as well. I love getting your letters! Makes me very happy and I feel so close to you! The pictures were awesome!  I absolutely loved the pictures! When I first picked up the package I thought, "Did she really need to send that many?!"  Then I got through them all and thought, "Why didn't she send more?!??" Ha ha!!!  I've been through them 3 times now and I have a ton up on my fridge :) Going to go buy more magnets today too ha ha! And may I add, I love that both Bryant and Laurel were wearing my jackets in some pictures. I gave that one to Bryant, but it is funny to see that Laurel invaded my wardrobe before I'd even been gone a full month haha! Tell her to be careful with that jacket, it is my favorite one. 

So I've been looking like crazy this week for a Utah License Plate. Still have yet to find one! Driving me absolutely nuts! I'm on the last week of the transfer and have not seen one. I forgot to mention this, but on Pantano Road where I live, there is a Larry H. Miller Dealership! Makes me feel a little closer to home haha. I can't wait to hear all about your cruise!! That should be so much fun :) And I am excited about the idea of more pictures! And I want pictures of moving Laurel down to school :) so excited for her! Jealous at the same time haha.

The stake center is taken over for the next 2 Saturdays, so Israel's baptism is likely being moved to September, if we can't find another church building to do it at. We are working on it. Angel (from that miracle week) has some Word of Wisdom problems, as does her boyfriend, so their baptisms won't happen on the 23rd but they are still working strongly for it! And yesterday at church, this young boy came up to me and touched my arm. It was Diangelo! (Angel's son) and he told me that he just spent the weekend at Scout Camp and he loves the church and knows it is true! He is still getting baptized that day. You should have seen his face. When we left the church I just cried. The change in his face is amazing! He is literally glowing! :)

I love you so much :) and I took a TON of pictures this week :) because I love you. Hope everyone is doing well!                                                                                                                -Hermana Martin

Sierra's Zone (she is 3rd from the right kneeling in front row)

Holding a member's 4-day old puppies;  made her day!

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