Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 4th - So I got kissed this week!

That should catch your attention no? ;) Haha so I began to contact a man that was looking at us funny, trying to tell what our deal was. Turns out he speaks neither English nor Spanish, but he is Arabic and is visiting the US. He then, with his broken English, told us about his trip to Chicago. He showed us pictures and us trying to understand each other was a very fun and interesting experience! But at the end, he shook H'ma Ramos' hand then gave her a big ol' kiss on the cheek! I began laughing so hard (on the inside) but then I realized...'Oh crap, I'm probably next.' and I was right! Except I was closer and I got a big ol' kiss on the cheek. When we drove away in our car, we could not stop laughing haha!

I got a haircut last Monday, you can see it in the pictures. I needed to cut more off because it is so hot. He cut my bangs to so that eventually I will be growing them out. Had the same hair for a long time. Time for a change!

I ate a Sonoran Dog finally this week! They are hot dogs with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and...that might be it. SO. FREAKING. GOOD. Wow, can't even describe it. but then it came with a guerro pepper. Everyone was eating them so I was brave and did the same. And it was hot, but not so bad. Then I took another bite...which left me in tears. Oh everything burned!!! I thought that I was going to die. The elders thought I was being a wuss so they each took a bite of it. Between Elder Ferguson's dry heaving and having to get water twice and Elder Williams also tearing up, I felt much better.

So, I have never been hit on more in my life! On Tuesday, H'ma Ramos was playing BB and I was working out and there was a young man there. We didn't talk to him, and right before 7 we headed back to the apartment. It was quite the walk back and we were almost there when I hear, "Hey!" I turn around and it is the guy. "What is your name?" Pointing to me. "Sierra. I mean Herm....Sister Martin." Don't even know my own name. "Do you have a boyfriend?" And we just get hit on by all sorts of people. Super fun.  

Went to a Senior Center this week and volunteered! Super fun :) makes me miss the service symphony.  (from her young adult singles' ward back home)

Anyways, things are good! Again, I put lots more in my letters, but these are the main adventures :D Miss you all, can't believe it is to you soon!            Hermana Martin

Sierra's apartment complex

Learning to make sushi

The sonoran dogs Sierra mentioned in her letter (and the pepper!)

Sierra playing Ninja with an investigator's kids.

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