Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th - Just had the best day of my life this past week, no big deal!!!

When we reported our numbers last night, I felt like we had failed because we really really did not reach any of them. But looking back, plus having the best day of my life this past week, I don't really care :)

On Thursday, we went to check on a potential investigator. With no luck, we decided to go tracting. Before going tracting, I hurried back to the car. My heart said, "Go back and get an English Book of Mormon."  Good thing.  4 apartments in, we tracted into a lady from Wisconsin who just moved here. Angel opened her door. She said she was busy shredding paper to recycle and we offered to help! So I sat on the floor with her 6 year old, Deasia, and 13 year old, Diangelo, and began teaching the Restoration. She said she believed a lot of the same things we did. She then told us that she and her children had just been talking about and prayed this morning to find a church, and then we showed up! She said she was taking this as a sign from God, she would read the Book of Mormon, and come to church on Sunday! We came the next day to see her with the English elders. They told the story of the First Vision. She said, "That is exactly what happened to me!" At first I was scared....we run into a lot of people who claim to have seen Jesus many times. She then said, "Except I prayed and they (meaning Sierra and her companion) showed up." She turned and looked at us. I could not stop my eyes from tearing up. That is why I'm here. This is why I'm serving. She is being Baptized, as well as Diangelo on August 23rd.

Evelyn, who hasn't been active for several years, has also not been to church in over a year. We saw her this past week. I felt bold, so I said, "Evelyn, what is keeping you from coming to church?" She said it is her medication. I asked her permission to come wake her up on Sunday morning, she agreed. So...we showed up yesterday and she came to church!!!     Win :)

Then, we were going to have to move Israel's baptism/drop him because of some things. I'll explain more later, but everything worked out. It was nothing short of an absolute miracle. We are full speed ahead for his baptism on August 16th :) less than 3 weeks!

2 month, weird right?! Some days it feels like I've been serving forever. Then I see I've been gone for 2 months and I think, "I only have 16 months left of the best calling ever?!?" Depends on the day ;)

Well that is about my life in a nutshell! We were at the Martinez's house this past week and they have a cat that is a big version of Trixie (Sierra's cat).  I pretty much LOVED having him crawl up on my lap and fall asleep there. Made me actually miss the little devil ;) haha!

I went on exchanges this past week with one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Houston. It was really awesome! But really hard and draining. There is a lot more poverty and sad things in her area. I went into details in my letter.

Love you :) Miss you all so much. And I hope to hear from you all very soon!!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Martin

Taking cheesecake to Hermana Maciel on her 95th birthday!

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