Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th

Wow!!!! So much to respond to! Haha :)    I love coming on and having 15 new emails. With only an hour I hope I can hit most of them! 
Okay! First dad's questions...
         Hermana Ramos is from Bothell, WA, This is her 2nd transfer in this branch, she hits her year mark in August.
We are interested in hearing details about your first Sunday in the Spanish Branch where you are assigned.
--- Number of members?    80's or 90's
--- How is the member missionary support? It is okay, we mostly find investigators on our own
--- Do you have daily dinner appointments with members? Every day we get dinner :) we are spoiled.

--- Are there many recent converts being fellowshipped in the branch? We have around 3 but we share the branch with another set of elders who have a few more.

Okay...think I hit everything you needed! Now I shall quickly tell you EVERYTHING. Or close to it.
     So our main investigator, Israel, is getting baptized on August 16th!!!!! It was pretty awesome :) he is progressing so much and is so willing to be baptized. He and his caregiver came to church on Sunday. One of his sons is baptized and the other is working on it. They didn't come though because there was a shooting at 1 am at their apartment and they were too tired after a long night of that. I'm not in Utah anymore that's for sure. 
     PS I've never seen more shirtless people in my life!!!!!! And I never want to again. Blech.
I went to my first Quincianera this past week. Super cool! I will share pictures. They are like, wedding big. It was awesome.
     So I was feeling frustrated with Spanish this past week. Hermana Ramos and I went to Panda. There, I got a fortune cookie that was made for me. "Allow yourself time - You will reach Success" Stupid fortune cookies, they know everything.
     Saw my first mini monsoon yesterday! Again, I shall send pictures. But it was super cool! I love the rainstorms here :) love love love. But the heat plus the humidity (yes, I said it) from monsoon season make some afternoons a little miserable. But all is well in Zion.
     I have so many stories, but as you know, I'm better with hand written letters so I will send one out soon and you can read up on my many stories!
I love you all so much :) I hope to hear from you soon!

Love Hermana Martin

PS Guess who is the new RS pianist. Apparently they prayed for a pianist and got me. They shall be sorely disappointed.

This may be a good street to go tracting on!

Um.....this doesn't look like a desert?
Sierra's first experience with a mini monsoon.

Two happy (albeit soggy) sister missionaries!

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