Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 5th

Hello everyone!!! Oh I just love you so much! Thank you for the email :) 

So this week, wow!  Where to even start! This week has gone by so fast but so much has happened! Can't believe I am 2 days away from the best decision I ever made :) it is just as eventful as leaving in May it feels like haha.  

Hope you enjoyed that phone call mom ;) I went into detail about what happened in my letter that I will send out today or just put in the mailbox tomorrow, but she just was talking about her migraine and I said my mom has been taking some sort of B something pill that has helped. I gave her your number, expecting her to call later, but then she picked up the phone right there and called! I can only imagine the heart attack you were having! She answered the phone in kind of a scary way haha. So sorry ;) but I liked getting to yell to you that I love you :) can't wait to really hear your voice tomorrow!

Sorry I've already talked a lot, there is just so much to say! Thank you for your package!!!!! We had so much fun with all the stuff in it yesterday :) there are pictures. But we had such a blast with it plus the stuff that Mimi sent!! Love it all so much, as did the other hermanas.

Oh so in our branch, the 1st counselor's wife showed up this past Tuesday and asked to take a picture of your quilt!!! She has been telling about it to everyone and she wanted a picture. You're famous!!! Everyone loves the quilt and is super jealous :)

So I went to the podiatrist on...Thursday...? this week, over here in Provo. Haha scared ya ;) it was for Hermana Ashby ;) she thought she would like to take someone with experience there haha!!! She is having arch problems with her feet. Guess what he recommended. Super Feet! So we had to go to modern shoe in Provo and buy her a set. I bought another set for me. Oh and her podiatrist and I had like a 5 minutes conversation about calcaneous and navicular bones and he called my foot beautiful ;) aw shucks.

So we have an online computer program here that we do Spanish modules on. It is a lot of work but....I actually finished all the chapters this past week! No one else in my district is close, but I really wanted to finish it before I left :) feeling pretty special! Sorry...this email is SO long...

When we went up to main campus for In-Field Orientation (really long 10 hour thing we have to attend, not my favorite) we went to lunch and dinner up there. At dinner, we sat by President and Sister Nally, the MTC President and his wife!! Really fun talking to them! I took Sister Nally's tray back for her ;) felt pretty cool. We also saw them later that night when we were watching fireworks down at West Campus. They came down to check up on us and they recognized us and Sister Nally came over and gave me a hug :) she is kind of wonderful. 

We had our last day with Hermana Savage on Thursday and our last day with Hermano Howard is tonight. So sad!!! We are almost done!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

I'll call you on Monday :D Love you!! Thanks again for the package.
Talk to you in 2 days!!

Hermana Martin

PS So you know the song 'The Olive Tree'? We are performing it for our last Sunday (tomorrow...haha weird) and Hermana Atkin is playing piano and...I may be playing violin for it. So fun!!! :) I have not really played my violin since high school but now I want to invest in a good one. It is sounding so beautiful :) I will let you know how it goes! Do I get 10 points for being brave? ;) Love you!

4th of July celebration

4th of July selfie

A cereal dispenser in the cafeteria - This is the kind of grafitti you find in the MTC.

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