Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 8th

It still feels like I'm in a dream. Then when I step out into the hot air outside I remember that this is real and I'm really in my mission!
I got packed up on Saturday and Sunday, had a wonderful last weekend in the MTC. Said goodbye to my wonderful companions yesterday morning. Got to call you at the airport! Then boarded my flight to Arizona! I got assigned a short term companion, Sister Grange, and we had SO much fun together. I've already made so many friends with the other missionaries :) makes me so happy.
Like I said, Sister Grange and I met a lady who was trying to figure out what our deal was! We told her we were going to Arizona for 18 months for a service mission for her church. "You get to visit home right?" "No." "Well you have a cell phone at least then, to talk to them?" "Haha, no. But we do get to call them on Christmas and Mother's Day." "What about Thanksgiving?" "Nope!" "How much school credit are you getting for doing this?!" Haha, the conversation went on for a moment. We gave her a pass along card but then she had to hurry on to catch her flight. Really fun :)
I was reading the book Mimi and Papa gave me on the flight to Arizona. "Do not attempt in heels" haha it calmed me down ;) the gentleman I sat next to flies to Tucson on Mondays then flies home to his family in Washington on Thursdays. He is an RM though! He went to Hungary, has 2 little boys :) he was really nice.
President and Sister Passey picked us up at the airport. It was a really fun experience!! We then drove to downtown Tucson. Smaller than SLC, but the valley may be just as big! We cover A LOT of area. We got out of the car and the APs told us how the Lord is hastening the work and we need to keep up with it, "So let's go hasten the work!" And they then took off at a dead sprint up the street. And my skirt, slip on shoes, and 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I ran about half a mile with these elders and sisters to a Mormon Battalion Monument that is in downtown Tucson. We spoke for a while there about hastening the work, and then ran back. I beat the other sisters ;) like a boss.
We then went to the stake center that is connected to the mission home. Ate lunch, then after several hours of meetings we went to President and Sister Passey's home. It was fun there. We all talked and got to know each other. The APs took us for a walk around outside and pointed out all the different types of cacti. There is NOTHING green here except for the cacti. My pictures shall show you. We then had dinner, a devotional, and then everyone separated out to different homes. 5 sisters and I stayed the night at the President's house. I went up right before bed and found Sister Passey upstairs busting her butt in the kitchen to start the meal for the next night for the leaving missionaries. All the sisters went to bed around 8:30 but I stayed up with Sister Passey until about 9:30 making potato salad and keeping her company.
This morning, we woke up at 5:20, got ready, then we were off to Tucson where....I met my trainer!! Her name is Hermana Ramos. She is from Washington, oldest of 6 children. Her parents are from Mexico. AKA, just as I have been praying for, she is a fluent Spanish speaker!!!!!!! Yes......God loves me.
Anyways, I will share many pictures. But we had several meetings, then we left to eat lunch at Eegee's. It is an Arizona thing. Awesome slushies! Food, eh :P haha the locals overrate the food. OH!!! Okay, so our zone is South Tucson, but is also a lot of East Tucson. We are over the Spanish branch here with another set of elders. And we have a beautiful...Truck!! Haha and guess who is the driver, me!! My companion doesn't have a license so I drive Frank :P and it is kind of awesome. Not a manual, but still a truck. Yes I'm that cool.
We are off to grocery shop and then play sports. But then tonight we have a dinner appointment at 5, we teach English at the church around 7 and then we have a meeting at 8 with an investigator who we are actually committing to baptism tonight.  As I typed that I seriously got the stupidest smile on my face. My first day out as a missionary and I get to teach about baptism and hopefully set a date with someone. Is this normal? I feel so blessed to be here and I could not be a happier person.
I love you so much :) hanging up yesterday was really hard. But now, I feel so blessed to be here serving a mission. Can't wait for the many adventures that are ahead. Write soon!!

Hermana Martin

PS at Eegee's I started a conversation with a man who was looking at us funny. I think my trainer was shocked that I just went up to him and started talking. He actually grew up in Heber and his daughter is turning in her mission papers soon. So...still was brave ;) so I get 10 points yes?

PPS after him, this woman and her son walked in and she just waved and smiled at us like a crazy person. She pointed to her son and said that he had just returned from the Panama Mission last Thursday. He is home, and my great work is just beginning :)

Calling home from SLC airport

Arriving in Tucson  -  "Nothing is green here!"

July arrivals at the Mormon Batallion Monument in Tucson

"Frank" the truck that Sierra will be driving!

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  1. Elder Sed will probably be a little jealous of Frank. He's only got his own two feet at the moment! :) Keep up the great work, Sierra!!