Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15th - My week in a nutshell!

Hello my awesome family!!!

Okay! I've failed at writing emails lately. I don't know if you ever use my letters to update my blog so I'm going to try to make my emails awesome. Ha ha.  

THE PICTURES OF THE BABIES!!! I STARTED CRYING!!! (I sent her pictures of Hilary Sanders Grant's twins - Hilary is from our ward- with an updated one of William since his heart transplant) I'm sending them to my MTC District. We all have been praying for those babies and Hilary since you told me. They will be beyond excited to see that!!

Okay! First things first. Baptism!!!!!! (Their investigator Israel was baptized on Saturday). Oh my gosh it was amazing! I can't even begin to tell you. He was the happiest guy. I found out that he has actually had baptismal dates in the past and had bailed out until now. He said he wished he had done this a lot sooner. On Sunday, I was leading music, so I got to see his glowing face all during church. Made me so happy :) He told us yesterday how much he loved us and appreciated us. Our patience with him, especially with the stroke problems, with understanding, were all the reasons that he was able to make it here.

Paulina has kept dropping our lessons and because she didn't come to church on Sunday we'll have to move the baptism. Her boyfriend is against her being baptized. We are figuring he has a big part to do with this. We are keeping her in our prayers.

Miracle time!!!  Okay, so I've been working on my faith lately. Faith in myself, and faith that there are people here being prepared to hear the message (Alma 16:16-17). I've been finding myself banking on backup plans instead of having faith. We went to go see a potential investigator for the first time this past week named Guadalupe. I was already looking ahead to backup plans before getting to her house. Yet, we got there and she let us in. Her daughter Diana came in asking her mom for math help. So guess what I did :) math tutor! Square root stuff, super fun. Well! At the end she got up to leave but I invited her to stay. I finished the lesson that Hermana Ramos had started with Guadalupe. At the end, she invited them to come to Mutual (which was in 10 minutes). If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it...they followed us to the church building and all three (mom, daughter and son (Javier))went to mutual!! Then on Sunday, we invited them but Javier had a game, but Diana said she is coming to Mutual again and she is bringing a friend this time. We also have an appointment to see them on Wednesday. Can't believe it.

Also, we went to see Ramon, who has been seeing missionaries for who knows how long. I went in seeing this as a waste of time, since we had already dropped him but Hermana Ramos kept saying she wanted to keep trying. Well, we got to the lesson and I kept feeling the spirit so strong. I almost started fighting it, thinking what was the point? I think I told the first vision, and I could not stop my tears. I then bore my testimony. This whole time, his eyes didn't leave mine. His whole countenance changed. He felt the spirit for the first time in his life. And now I will never see anyone as lost or unable to feel the spirit.

So saw D'Angelo at church on Sunday!! (He was baptized a few weeks ago.)  He is doing so awesome! We are going to go start working out with Angel because she needs a hobby and something to do since quitting cigarettes. They are looking at a baptismal date in 2 or 3 weeks :)

My week!! Really long and I hope you enjoyed it!! Write soon!!!

Your Missionary

Sierra and Hermana Ramos at Israel's baptism.   Sept. 13th

Sierra with Hermano Medina

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