Friday, September 5, 2014

September 2nd

Hello hello!! Yea, didn't even think about the fact that I wouldn't be online on Monday. (Labor Day)  And today we just came when we found the time so...I'm online now! Sorry we don't get to chat this week. Next week for sure :) and wow...I hit 100 days on Thursday? Weird...I'm so happy here :) Hermana Burrola (who sent the birthday pics of Sierra last week) showed me the email you sent her! She was practically bouncing off the wall when she saw that you know Spanish! She told me the first 4 months are the worst and then it isn't so bad. Well I'm starting my 4th month ;) then you can stop missing me haha!

Oh man...where to start. Donated blood last week! Super fun. Elder Malm from the Seventy came down and spoke with us. Amazing conference! I sent you a letter with notes about it, I hope you enjoyed it (if you've gotten it yet). And then we went to a fireside that night with the Martinez Family and Karen. Super fun!

Israel gets baptized in 2 weeks!!! Can't believe it! More good news :) we gave 2 more baptismal dates this past week!! Chino and Paulina! We are giving Chino to the English elders because he said he feels (as an American) he should stick with English. Bummer, but still awesome for him! And Paulina will be baptized September 27th :)

Oh man, we have 3 crazy adventures this past week
1) Our neighbor whose apartment was broken into literally a minute after we left (about 2 weeks ago) was found dead in her apartment this past weekend. We got the news yesterday though that it was actually either an overdose or suicide. They didn't kill her. Whoever 'they' are.
2) A neighbor of Israel's was shot in the middle of the afternoon. They got the license plate number and are trying to find them. This happened on Sunday. Crazy.
3) (An investigator) crashed hard on Friday night. She ended up leaving her house super drunk on Saturday morning. Her mom called us crying asking us to help her find (the investigator). We actually ended up finding her. Well, there is the more in the letter. Long story short, it took 2 hours to convince her to come home with us. In that time we followed her to some scary apartments (I prayed and felt it was okay don't worry). But she at one point told us she was done living as a crazy person and ran into the street in front of a car. Your intelligent daughter went after her. I pulled her back onto the sidewalk in time, the whole time she was cursing me and fighting me off. Now she is home safe and has been getting more help. Keep her in your prayers.

Well that is about it!! Love you bunches!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

My birthday cake :) that we made late...but it still tasted awesome!

Me donating blood. I did the double red or whatever so it took like an hour and I got stuff pumped back into me. So gross!!!

 It is so pretty here right?!   Love palm trees.

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