Monday, June 15, 2015

June 9th - My crazy, awesome week!

Okay I only have 10 minutes so I will write basics! I will try to send a letter this week but I am not sure if that will be possible. I only have 30 minutes of emailing time today because of all the craziness and so I only have these few short moments to write.

I am here in Willcox. I am pink washing! Meaning elders were in this area as of yesterday and I now I am here with Hermana Garcia who is from San Salvador and just finished being trained! She is so great and is really wanted to learn English. I've been talking in Spanish all day so this is kind of hard to write in English right now haha. I am really not sure what to expect here. I really don't have anything here to work with. A completely blank planner, no appointments, investigators, or plan. I really REALLY hope that I can help this area to grow! Pretty please keep me in your prayers, I need it.

To quickly talk about my amazing week, I love El Rio! It is an amazing area and I know Hermana Adams and her new companion Hermana Budge will be able to bless the lives of SO many people there. Dimas and Arandeny are getting baptized on Saturday and tal vez (maybe) Ashley! I so wish I could be there. I was able to write them each a letter before I left and I will just expect pictures next week :)So proud of them and all the growth they've been able to make!

Quick miracle before I have to go! Diana Cruz went to go pick up Danna for church but there was a problem going on with a neighbor and her parents said they would take her to church a little later. Well one thing let to another and they decided to not take her. Danna sat on the couch and said a prayer that she would be able to get a ride to church somehow. As she said amen, there was a knock at the door. Hermana Munoz felt like she should stop by and see if Danna needed a ride. Yes!! And she was able to come to church and she went up with me and bore her testimony for the first time. I am SO grateful for my time in El Rio. It seriously was amazing and I could not be happier.

Ah! I have 1 minute. Okay I love you! Umm....I got your package and I absolutely loved it! I may eat all the Oreo's this week...yes I'm a stress eater haha. I seriously need all the prayers I can get this week.

Miss you!! Love you! Talk to you next week!

This is the only picture she sent this week - Zone T-shirts!

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