Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30th - El Rio Seco! (The Dry River)

IT IS GETTING HOT!!! Oh man, I'm getting flash backs from last summer and I'm getting scared haha. Pray for me starting now!! I am so not feeling ready for another summer. I was getting way too comfortable with the amazing Arizona 'winter' that we have had. 

I'm loving training! Hermana Adams is such a boss. Her Spanish gets better and better every day and she just loves everybody! She is a great example for me. We went and saw the Quijadas after Women's Conference on Saturday and she taught them a lesson on Gratitude and did an amazing job! Love the Quijadas too. And they make AMAZING food. They used to have a food truck. It shows! 

Women's Conference was amazing! 100 years of Family Home Evening. I still have great memories of FHE with our family. Can't wait to do them again when I get home to show you all the cool object lessons that I love to do out here haha! I feel like this is just preparing me to be a primary teacher one day. Although I think I would love to spend the rest of my life in the Young Women's Program. Nothing would make me happier.

La familia Munoz brought Danna to church on Sunday and it was so great to have them here! Karlena and her girls came too :) John (investigator) was going to come but things fell through. He is great, we just need to keep helping him. He makes me laugh haha!

We've started a new service project at the Farmer's Market near our place. We sell fruit and vegetables that people grow in their yard and they depend on the Farmer's Markets as their income. A percentage goes to the Food Bank as well. So much fun working there with all the amazing people! We are going to start doing it every Thursday. Love when people question the name tags haha! It is weird being in public though in jeans and a t-shirt. I sport my U of A shirts that la familia Medina gave me with pride :) 

Last Saturday I taught Diana how to make sushi! We had so much fun! Danna also came over. We had such a fun time :) love bonding with these amazing sisters.

Love you all so much! So excited for Conference weekend and Easter as well! Make sure to go onto to see the new Easter video!

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TTFN -Ta ta for now!!!

Hermana Martin

Arley and Yesenia love how tall we are!

Sierra reliving her glory days on the Jump Rope for Heart demo team.

Sierra with one of many people she loves!

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