Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6th - Loved Conference Weekend! Happy Easter!!

I have had a great weekend! General Conference always makes it a very special experience. We spent most of conference with the Christensen family (Andrew's family-ward missionary). It was so great being with a family for Conference. Reminded me of home a lot :) miss you all! John came over for the first session of conference. At the end all he could say was, "I need to see my kids." He wanted to see his girls so much. He is starting to see how he can change and become more than he is. We're seeing him again on Tuesday. He's great! He says the Lord keeps clearing his path and it is so true! I'll explain more after the mission!

Genevieve (young woman in our branch) will be staying with us this weekend to serve a mini mission! I cannot wait! She is really awesome :) I've loved keeping up on Personal Progress. I now have the whole first column of the Living Christ memorized. Great way to spend Easter reciting that! I want to finish it before the end of my mission :) early Christmas present.

We had Zone Conference this past week. Someone from the Fleet Department came down from SLC to install a Tiwi in every one of our cars. Let me tell you about our new "Big Brother". If we go over 5 mph over the speed limit, it says "Check your Speed" and if you don't go down within a few seconds it sends a report to SLC. There is a GPS to track you. If you take a turn or speed bump too hard, speed up to fast, etc. you get "Reckless Driving" and it sends it to SLC too. Also checks for buckling up and if we are out past or before curfew. Yep! We all feel like little children. It yelled at me the first day 4 times to slow down. 5 yesterday. Bah. Working on it.

Oh man running out of more! Melissa (investigator who we found at the member's home that night when I was told we needed to change our plans) is doing great! She said she was going to read the Book of Mormon this weekend and if she got an answer she would get baptized! Yea! She is super awesome :) Love her to death.

So much more...but no time :( I'll send a letter this week with more stuff haha! Love you! I will talk to you all soon!!

Hermana Martin

Easter dinner with the Elders

Easter package from home

Guinea pig hiding out in Sierra's hair

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