Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 20th - Transfer calls are not this Saturday....

I'm in denial. What happened to this transfer?! Seriously I think this has felt like the fastest transfer I've had in the whole mission. I am so not okay with how fast time is flying here. I am sincerely praying that I'll get to stay with Hermana Adams. I don't think he'll move me, but you never know. Pray for me! And on that note, don't expect an email next Monday. Tuesday will be P Day.

Okay, this week. Where to begin.................
Andrew and Manny visited J. this past week and he is doing a lot better. We saw him too and he said the most sincere, amazing prayer that I've heard from him! He was going to come to a baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday but he has a nephew on suicide watch and he's been with him all weekend. We're hoping he can come to another baptism this Friday and then church on Sunday.

We did Personal Progress with J. and M. Lopez this past week. I don't know if I've mentioned this (probably) but a bunch of us are memorizing the Living Christ together for the Faith project. I still remember Angie Bennett doing it at New Beginnings and being so impressed. I've memorized over half of it. I'm going to finish it before I come home as a Christmas present for Him :)

We did exchanges this past week with Hermana Ellis and Hermana Lund. Hermana Lund came out with Hermana Adams. She already knew Spanish before the mission (7 years of it) so they didn't meet up in the CCM. She really loved volunteering at the Farmers Market!   I got some fresh oranges, asparagus and potatoes this past week. I love having fresh produce in the home that I saw get dropped off by people who picked them that morning. 
Eric R. invited us this past week to have lunch with him at the Fiesta Grande that they have here on the West side every year. It was so cool!!! You all are so coming back to check it out with me next year. We had these HUGE carne asada burros. SO beyond good. The fiesta was way cool! At one point Eric said, "Do you realize you two are the only white people here?" Sometimes I forget that I am a really tall white chick. Me and Hermana Adams did stand out pretty bad haha! It was pretty funny. So next year we're coming yes?

Later that afternoon, I got a call from Hermana Hubert in El Dorado.  She sounded really upset and I asked her if she was okay. She said, "Hermana Maciell" and my heart just dropped.  She is in the hospital and she is really sick is what she told me and that she looks different.  She told me I better come soon and see her.  She also said that Hermana Maciell asked for "Sierra" to come and see her. I went that evening and it was so great to spend time with her again. Love mi abuelita. I am hoping to find time again this week to go and see her. Keep her in your prayers. She said she is ready to go. When I started to cry a little ( I tried so hard not to!! ) she told me to stop it. I told her it was allergies (sound familiar?) and she told me that missionaries can't lie. I told her that I'm a really bad missionary then haha. She makes me smile.

We had 19 lessons this week with less actives and recent converts this week. We are staying busy! We want to spend more time finding this week though. We visit 26 less active families and sometimes it is hard to find the time to find new investigators. I want to make sure no one gets left behind! I love it here in El Rio :) couldn't be happier.

Sierra found her street!


Fiesta Grande

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