Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 13th - Trio power!

Yea, we had an awesome weekend as a trio with our missionary Genevieve R. :) she is a Laurel in our branch and wanted to see what life was like as a sister missionary! We picked her up on Friday after school and she was with us until last night. It was so fun having her with us! She said that we pray a lot haha! She really wants to serve a mission now :) me too! Haha it was fun to have that reminder of how awesome our work really is as misisonaries. Sometimes I feel like it is the norm but really...we're weird haha. But really awesome at the same time! 

We went to a baptism on Saturday for Omar  :) a cousin/nephew of the Q. family in our branch. We visit them on Sundays (the whole family). It was a beautiful baptism :) while waiting for the confirmation, they asked us to give a message. Well...their elders should have done it but they didn't show up. And I was with 2 missionaries who had never done it before. You know what? Best baptism message I've ever given! Genevieve started and did amazing! It was really powerful. At the end, Omar's mom hugged us and said that we had made her day. Love being a missionary!

Good news and bad news....good news! J. came to church! We went over and A. (lovingly yet boldly) told him that he needs to go to church. He was saying that he was too busy. It wasn't an invitation though, it was very direct that he needed to be at church. He came! Bad news....he hated it. He said he felt so peaceful but that he didn't belong there. We'll see what the future holds with him. 

I spent last P-Day making cookies! It was fun. We took them to a lot of people. I have about 6 cookies left in cookie dough form...saving them for a good ( bad ) day. Or when I'm craving cookie dough haha!

Ah! I had too many emails. Next time I start with this letter haha. Last thing, Diana gave her testimony at church yesterday! She told me yesterday morning that she was feeling nervous and didn't want to do it. She and I talked on the phone for a few minutes and she did do it. It was so powerful! She is amazing! I cannot wait to see all the people that she is going to touch :) love her to death. 

Talk to you all next week! Miss you!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra and Hma. Adams with their "mini-missionary" for the weekend

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