Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 17th - I am training!!! Companion #11!

Yea!! Super excited :D   When President called with the news I was sad that Hermana Dominguez was leaving me (we thought we would be together 1 more transfer) and yet at the same time the thought that I would get to train again made me so beyond happy!! I've spent 2/3 of my mission in the 12 week program and after training it will be like 3/4 haha. I love training and I love the 12 Week Program. Super stoked! Her name is Hermana Taya Adams :) she went to the Provo MTC like me and is the oldest of 3 girls. I love her :D  She is 6'1"!  Yeah, a companion that is taller than me. I need to grow!  She is from Farmington UT and is just so awesome, wanna know why? Because she is an Aggie just like me :D we went to USU at the same time. We probably passed each other at some point. Weird, right?

So Tuesday...we went and saw our investigator John and he accepted a baptismal date! It was a miracle because the second I got in the car I began feeling so beyond sick. I was in bed the rest of the day with the stomach flu. I couldn't even drink water, it was so bad. I spent the next day recovering too, but in the evening we went back to work. By Friday I was feeling 100% again. I am just so glad that happened last week and not this week. 
All the missionaries sang "I know that My Redeemer Lives" on Sunday. Super cool to do before transfers (Hermana Dominguez and Elder Tyler left the area). Yeah, I sang a duet at one part with Hermana Dominguez. You wouldn't have caught me dead doing that before the mission. I'm a good way I think? 

We had so many awesome people come to church on Sunday! The Munoz family gave Danna a ride so they were all able to make it. Also Eric came too and sat with us. El Rio is such a great Branch. I am excited to take Hermana Adams around to meet everyone!!
I got a package from St. David from the Merrills with a necklace from an anonymous giver who said he wanted to remain unknown. In it was a BEAUTIFUL necklace (pictures to come). I seriously wear it every day. I wish I could thank whoever did it! I love it so much!
Well that is about it! Really excited for the adventures to come with training and taking over the area. Love you all so much! Talk to you soon!!

Hermana Martin

Goodbye Hermana Dominguez   :(

More signatures on the quilt.

Welcome Hermana Adams!  :)

The anonymously gifted necklace.

Um, yeah........I have no idea what this is about but here it is anyway!

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  1. it was the fish eye you ate what made you sick! heheheh