Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2nd - One month until General Conference!

I don't know why I'm so excited for conference. I'm secretly hoping that they announce that women can now serve 2 years and those currently serving may choose to extend. A missionary can hope right? 

But really, where did February go? I feel like months are like weeks. 

This week...Well I forgot my planner (again) so I'll see what I can come up with!! On Tuesday we did exchanges and I was in Sahuaro with Hermana Budge. She had just gotten sick that day and so she was in bed our whole exchanges. Everyone here is getting sick. I am buying more Emergen-C today. I do not want what everyone has. It is the worst!! Hermana Dominguez was coming down with it too. Pray that I don't get it!!! While with Hermana Budge I decorated like 4 planners and read a lot of Ensigns :P 

I'm already in Mormon with the Book of Mormon challenge too! How are all of you doing with that?

Well...Ah! Okay, we went to the Mesa Temple on Saturday with one of our ward missionaries who is going on his mission to Argentina this summer! Turns out my awesome MTC companion Hermana Walker was in his stake and he is way close with her brothers. Small world! Anyways, we went to a Spanish session and I loved it so much. After, we went to the distribution center and then to Deseret Book. I walked in and said, "I just went back to Utah" haha! I got a journal and some stickers to give away to the kids here. When I checked out they asked me if I had an account there. I gave our home phone number and my receipt has your name on it. I am keeping it, made me miss you really bad! Yeah, I'm weird. The Mesa Temple was absolutely gorgeous! Loved it.

Outside the temple, I actually ran into Cameron Martin from St. David and their family. Haha I just heard someone yelling, "Sister Martin!!" I guess I will be remembered from St. David :) just because we decided we are cousins :P just saying.

Our Zone Leaders that live at our same apartment complex have to move and we were helping them all weekend to move to their new apartment and deep clean the one they were leaving. Yea, glad that it is over with haha. Just goes to show that missionary apartments after being occupied by them for several years get pretty blech.

Love you all!! Miss you like crazy. Glad to see that you all had a great week :) you are always in my prayers. Remember I love you.

Hermana Martin

Mesa Temple

Fruit trees at the temple - you can just pick and eat the fruit!

A beautiful missionary!

Putting the license plate on our new car.

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