Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23rd - Testifying in Tucson :) Living the dream

Yep! Things are doing great here! Couldn't be happier. We had 32 lessons this past week! When Elder Ferguson called to get our numbers and we said we had 19 lessons with Less Actives and Recent Converts he said, "How is that even possible?" Yea, it made us feel pretty accomplished haha!

I've been loving to train again :) Hermana Adams and I just get along so great! We are doing Personal Progress with a good handful of the young women and absolutely love it. I seriously just want callings in Young Womens for the rest of my life. Enough said. I'm over 1/4th of the way done with memorizing The Living Christ for my Faith Project and I have a bunch of Young Women doing it with us :D  So excited!

So Diana is seriously such a boss. She has been giving Danna rides to church and has just been so great with studying and looking for answers. I still remember meeting her last July and just thinking she was so awesome! Even when I couldn't understand a word she was saying haha. I remember meeting her with mi primera companera (my first companion) Hermana Ramos (who I love and miss greatly) and just feeling so lost between her and Karina talking. Now I'm on the other end! My companion is doing so great with Spanish! Even within a week you should hear how awesome her Spanish is doing!

We hiked Saguaro National Park this morning. I'll let the amazing pictures do most of the talking :) my purse broke on the hike. Yea, why did I take my bag? Because I'm the mom, that's why. Supplied need: knife, pliers (cactus needle pullers), bandaids, extra water bottles, carrying bag for other people's stuff, snacks, haha!! Yea, I'm such a mom. I tied it though and it is okay. I would look for a new one but I kind of want to see how bad my bag can get by the end of the mission :P

It is already starting to get hot....If you see cute short sleeved shirts there I would appreciate them. All my shirts are 3/4 and they are starting to kill me. Please and thank you haha! Summer #2 here we come!!! 

Love you all so much! Miss you! Talk to you next week!!!

Hermana Martin

Hermana Adams and Sierra

Morning P-day hike in Saguaro National Park

Hiking in Saguaro

Can't believe Sierra actually lost this battle!

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