Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23 - Week 3 in El Rio

Weird to look back and think that if I was doing the same thing that I did in St. David that I would be leaving here tomorrow. That was still the weirdest thing in the whole world. Never want to be in an area for that short again. Even a whole transfer in one area would not be any fun!

Loving El Rio. Hermana Dominguez and I are working really hard and we are really excited for this upcoming week. We have lots of plans and are staying really busy. 

This past week we had a couple of adventures! We went and cut and washed some dogs for a member in our branch named Alejandra. She is so sweet. We love going to see her. We also went to go see another member before church on Sunday and she was busy at work trying to get ready herself and her 3 little girls (sound familiar?). So glad we acted on a prompting!! We did her girls' hair and kept them entertained and then we all went over to church together. So great :)

I followed a prompting on Saturday after a huge breakfast that we did at the Munoz's place (way fun!) to go and try a potential named Lourdes. She is really sweet. She kept going on about dreams she has had. I introduced how in the Book of Mormon there is a prophet who also had dreams and she should read it. She thought that was pretty cool. Then she started another dream with the Pope and such. I was not sure where it was going but I practiced my listening skills. In the blink of an eye her dream changed. She was outside wandering and on the other side of a ravine there was a group of people, drinking, partying, and trying to get her to join. When she rejected them, she turned around and saw this beautiful, huge white tree which was the most beautiful thing she has seen in her entire life! Sound familiar? Yea!! Just like Lehi's dream! We then had a great discussion after that about Lehi and the Book of Mormon. She is so excited to read the chapters we left her with. We are seeing her tomorrow. Well, I'm not. We are going on exchanges so I'll just get to hear about it!

I got to see Karina this past week at Diana's house :) I miss El Dorado. So close!! Yet so far. Paulina emailed me this week!! Yea, made my day :) love her so much and everyone else from El Dorado. My 2nd home :)

Love you all so much! Miss you! And I hope you all have an amazing week!

Hermana Martin

Karlena's Girls

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