Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16th - Week 2 in El Rio

Well, we have had a pretty good week. We had a goal of 25 lessons and we got 26! The last one being a text from a less active member saying we should come over, and getting there at 8:58 last night haha! Yea, we literally have been running at times. We've loved just working hard and focusing on the wonderful people here. We keep seeing people who have been off the radar for a while. We are trying to keep hard at work!

Jeff Stirling from St. David was baptized on Saturday :) When Hermana Blackford called me with the news I just broke into tears! So happy for him :) and he is so excited to go to the temple a year from now to be sealed to his sweetheart :)  It was such an awesome day! I wish I could have been there, but I was for sure there in spirit.

I got your awesome Valentine's Day package!! Yeah, made our day :) thank you so much! I'll send another letter out probably tomorrow or the next day. Made both of us really really happy :) Thank you!

We've been teaching a couple of new investigators and working with many families in the ward. We are seeing D. a lot :) a 13 year old whose family aren't members. She is such a sweetheart! Love her to death!

We are going to A.H.'s place on Tuesday to clean her 10 dogs. Yea, it should be a blast! The elders are going to come help us. There are some that bite. Hope I don't end up with them. They live in a small trailer and we think this will help them out a lot :)  We hope this will help a lot.)

Hermana Gastelum took us for our appointments in Mirana this week. Trying to save miles! It was a lot of fun! She took a different way back and we were able to drive right though the Saguaro National Park! I'm keeping a list of all the things we need to do when we are all here in Tuscon, and that is DEFINITELY one of them. 

I finished Alma for the BOM challenge and started Helaman. I am loving it! I may finish before Pascua. Oh well! 

Love you all!! Talk to you next week! 

Hermana Martin

At the gem show

Can't believe she got to this National Park before we did!

With Hermana Dominguez in Saguaro NP

With one of her young investigators

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