Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 3rd - Leaving St. David already, heading back to Tucson!!

They just can't keep me out of the city haha. It will be very weird going back to a place with stop lights, gas stations, a Walmart haha. It is going to be culture shock all over again. I'm going to be with Hermana Dominguez en la rama El Rio :)  (the El Rio branch)   Just a hop, skip and a jump away from El Dorado. That will be tempting, but I will stay strong ;) I'm excited to go back to Spanish but I've also really loved my time here in St. David. I am hoping this is a long term change.  10 weeks, 6 companions, 3 areas, I'm ready to sit still in one place with one companion for a bit haha! 

So I forgot to mention this, but when I was leaving El Dorado my companions guessed I would be going ASL (American Sign Language) which wouldn't make any sense because there were elders there training. Well I've been interpreting songs and even a prayer this last Sunday in ASL. Yea, it was so much fun! I'm re-determined to get back into ASL after the mission and keep up Spanish. I have loved working with Sister Stover (RS President who interprets most of the time)   :)   Been a lot of fun!

This past Wednesday we taught mutual for St. David and we did an MTC night. We did role plays, had Brother Bailey come in and teach them how to pray in Spanish (without using English haha oh the memories) and then had them write their testimony in a Book of Mormon and challenged them to give it out. Loved working with the youth. Still my favorite thing ever!

I've said goodbye to the few people who I've been able to create a relationship with :) I've loved the people here and I will miss them so much. I'll explain with the pictures haha.
Love you and miss you all so much!! I will talk to you next week and have pictures of my new area!

Hermana Martin

Goodbye St. David

Keeping up her ASL skills with Sister Stover

Tombstone, Arizona

Exchanges with Hermana Ferwerda :) 
She and I are in the same program at USU and even took some classes together. 
Small World!! From Riverton

. . . .and here is the fortune cookie she mentioned in last week's letter!

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