Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26th - Week 2 in St. David

Well, not a whole lot! And I've been responding to a lot of emails so I'll make this short and sweet. PS my momma is going home next week!!! Yea, Hermana Ramos finishes her mission :(   She sent her last email to me as a missionary. So sad. Love her so much and I learned so much from her. Super sad.

We went down to Sierra Vista for Sports this past week and...I may or may not have kicked an elder in the head. Backing up. So we were playing Ghost in the Graveyard. Someone hides and if you find them you need to hurry and run back to home base yelling "Ghost in the Graveyard!!" Well I was scared of opening the door to leave the home base so I may have kicked it open. And hit Elder Erikson in the face who may have been hiding behind the door.  (On a side note - Elder Erikson happens to be our home teacher Dan Ingersoll's grandson!  Nice!)  The next day his forehead had a huge goose egg. I'm dangerous. Enough said. I felt horrid! Never going to Sierra Vista sports ever again haha!

I did exchanges with Sister Walter on Tuesday and it was a lot of fun! She and I get along great. We went to see some less actives and a grandma was there from Mexico. AKA Spanish!!! I got to teach her the Restoration, she has un Libro de Mormon (Book of Mormon) and wants to learn more! Spanish win! Sister Walter and I also went out to Panda (They had a Panda there and I couldn't resist) and my fortune cookie said I was fat. Please put the picture on my blog mom for proof haha!!!  (Except she didn't send that picture - maybe next week.)

PS - Down in Sierra Vista you can see Mexico :) can't touch it, but I can see it!
We taught seminary on Wednesday about......(Drum Roll)....Missionary work!! Imagine that! And we are teaching Mutual this week on, yea you got it, missionary work. Should be fun! I've realized that my favorite people ever to work with are the youth. Hands down. I've been really trying to do that here. I even have a young woman who is opening up to me after several years of missionaries. She and I are already really close :) she is great.

So I was at church from 7:30 until 4 on Sunday. 2 ward councils and 2 wards. Oh man, that was a new experience. Now I understand better how dad feels. Poor guy.

I had a freak out moment yesterday!  On Sunday(Jan. 25th) there was a missionary farewell and homecoming and I came to the realization that it was exactly 8 months  since I had given my farewell talk (May 25th) and at the same time exactly 10 months until I go home (Nov. 25th). It was a weird, sick, horrifying moment for me. Yea, can't even describe it. Not cool! From this point forward I'm just saying to everyone that I still have a year left haha.

We went hiking this morning Chiracaqua (Chiricahua) National Park (Monument) this morning and it was so beautiful! Pictures to come :) and I'm out of time! Okay, love you all and I hope to hear from you all soon!!

Hermana Martin

Exchanges with Sister Walter

Hiking in Chiricahua Nat. Monument - looks like Arizona's version of
Balanced Rock in Arches NP.

Scenery in Chiricahua NM

Sierra and Hermana Blackford 

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