Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5th - Happy 2015!!!

Yea, can't believe that it is a new year! I have no idea where 2014 went. I am praying that this time will slow down a bit. I don't like how fast time is flying! PS I forgot my planner so I'm going to try and remember everything that happened this past week!

First and foremost, Yhovany was baptized on Saturday! (See Giovanni earlier in the emails, yea I didn't know how to spell his name correctly until the baptism, how embarrassing!!! Tengo tanta verguenza por eso). He has such a strong spirit!  Seeing him at the baptism just brought me to tears. He pulled me aside before his baptism and told me I had been an answer to his prayers and we were just both crying. Oh I am so happy for him. I will always remember the amazing people I've seen come to baptism over the past 6 months. Oh and guess what, Samantha (Sierra's one-week temporary companion) brought 4 of her friends from work to the baptism!!! 4!!!!!! The elders gave them a church tour and 2 are reading the Book of Mormon and want to learn more. Talk about a prepared missionary right?! :D   She turns in her papers in February!!!!!

Almost forgot!! Day #2 of Hermana Hubert being here, she pulled a me! Like daughter like mother. Thankfully hers was only a sprain. She used my crutches the first 2 days and then just walked it out. She is running now haha!!!!

New Year’s Day we had mission unity with all the missionaries! We got to play cards (which isn't allowed except for today!) and a 30 minute Egyptian Rat Screw game with 5 Crowns cards was won by yours truly! Oh man it was intense, but awesome :P

We woke up New Year’s Day to snow!!!! Yea, talk about awesome!! I just ran out and laid in it haha! Every few years it shows up. I prayed for snow and God just proved that he loves me most :D It was gone in an hour or two but hey, so worth it!

We've been doing Personal Progress with the Young Women and I've almost passed off Virtue and Individual Worth!  I've loved doing it with them! Challenging Paulina and Alexa Hernandez to bear their testimonies with us, a beyond powerful FHE with the Navarros :) Yadhira is such an amazing young woman, and we have FHE with the Barredo's tonight from Ana Sofia :D Been super fun! 

Let's is awesome! Hermana Hubert and I get along so well! Plus Hermana Sutherland is just the perfect example of a Sister Missionary for both of us :) we've been an awesome trio! I'll be sad to leave next Monday :( President will be calling us later this week to give us details on everything. AKA I still don't know where I'm going. He said I won't go far so I probably will be staying in the Spanish Zone which would be awesome. So either Sonora, El Rio, or Los Reales. Vamos a ver. (We'll see)

Well....I think that about does it! I know there is something else but I don't have my planner so it makes it difficult to remember everything. Love you all so much! I'll send baptism pictures next week. Hermana Sutherland's camera is in the apartment with the pictures :( next week!

Hermana Martin

Oops!  More injuries.

New Year's Day snow!!!!!!

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