Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th - First week in St. David

Hello hello.

I have been spending this week going through culture shock. Yes, being in an English area does that to you! I thought about writing this email in Spanish because I take every opportunity to try to keep my Spanish up. Then I remembered that my dear friends from El Dorado (hopefully haha) still read my blog and I don't want them judging my poor Spanish ;) and so this is in English still. There actually is no longer a Spanish group here because they all went less active. We are teaching everyone we can in Spanish. 4 lessons this past week; not bad for an English area.

So like I've said, I'm in St. David, population 2,000. HUGE change. I also cover Tombstone which is a tourist attraction really but there are a handful of members out there that we go see twice a week. Then the rest of the time we are in St. David. We work mostly with less actives. We don't really have an investigator pool right now but with 70% of the town being members, and really spread out as well, there isn't really an effective way to find except for through the members. The members love the missionaries and we are very well taken care of here. 

We went to the Gila Valley Temple on Saturday! The St. David Zone had already gone to the temple when I got transferred here. President let me choose to either go this upcoming week with my old zone or go on Saturday to a Spanish session. Love my old zone, but I jumped on the opportunity to do a Spanish session, and I'm so glad I did! Walking in, I heard some people talking in Spanish behind us. I turned and I just could not believe my eyes! They called out to me and I just started running! 4 hermanas de El Dorado (4 sisters from El Dorado) :D   Hermana Duarte, Hermana Garcia, Hermana Ruiz y su hija (and her daughter) Rebecca :D Estuve tan feliz! No pude creer mi ojos (I was so happy!  I couldn't believe my eyes)  :) Fue tan especial (It was so special). Loved the temple and then after, these dear sisters took us out to Chinese Food. It was such a tender mercy and an answer to my prayers. I have had a hard time leaving my home there in El Dorado. Less than 5 days after, He gave me a little piece of home :) 

Well, I think that about does it! I am meeting some pretty amazing people here in this area. I love the many people I am getting to meet and I hope that I can help this area to grow.

Hermana Martin

Sierra with the 4 El Dorado Branch sisters she ran into at the Gila Valley Temple

Sierra is in a rural desert area now!

"This is where I hang out every night!"   :)

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