Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12th - Leaving El Dorado and going to St. David

I have never been so emotionally drained in my life. And I thought the MTC was bad!!! Leaving El Dorado has been one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. I am sitting at the Mission Home right now while my new companion, Hermana Blackford, gets an interview. She is a Sister Training Leader. Her companion just went home this morning and I am taking her spot. Only trio in the mission field so instead of putting me in another Spanish Branch like we expected I am going out to St. David to serve in 2 English wards. St. David is 70% Mormon so I'll get to feel like I'm back in Utah :P   Weird. Hermana Blackford is also a Spanish sister so that will be nice to have someone to practice with! And there isn't a Spanish branch out there or group so I'll be teaching some Spanish still :) excited for that! I can't wait to see the adventures that lay ahead.

My time with Hermana Sutherland and Hermana Hubert, although very short, was very special to me :) I love them both so much and I know they will both take care of El Dorado for me. Over 6 months, 6 different companions, and countless memories, I can't believe still that I've left there. It really was my home and I have loved my time serving there.
This past week has stayed busy and I thankfully was able to see just about everybody. Usually people have the Monday before transfers to do that so we tried really hard to get everyone in before I left.  Seeing Hermana Maciell yesterday morning and playing viola for her one more time was so precious. I just love her with all my heart and I hope that I come back to the Tucson area soon so I can go visit her. I'll send pictures of all the people that I was able to go see before I left. I can't even begin to list them all haha. I seriously have a new family here! It is so crazy!

Yesterday at church, Samantha and I played "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". It was so awesome that she and I were able to get that together before she left :) It was so amazing that I was able to be her companion for a week and all the times she and I got to teach together. She is going to continue to be an example to the girls there and I can't wait to see where she gets her mission call to :)

Oh man, where do I begin talking about the amazing members I just had to leave behind! Saturday I said goodbye to Maria Garsia. We've made plans for in the future for her to teach me how to make tamales :P   Super excited for that. Also I did Personal Progress for the last time with Alexa and Paulina Hernandez. I love them both so much! I've loved my time with those two! I can't wait to see all the amazing things they do in the future :) I also went and said goodbye to Yhovany and Cindy. I hope their reading in the Book of Mormon together will continue to strengthen them :) I also went and said goodbye to Israel and his family :) they are doing well and I am glad that he will be going to the English Ward to be with Ricky. I also got to say goodbye to la familia Larese y President y Hermana Gomez. It was a really busy Saturday but really awesome :) we also went to the baptism of Jade Romero. Super strong spirit there :) they are an amazing family.

Sunday after my last dinner with the Romero family, I went and said goodbye to the Pineda family. Mel and Z (their girls) weren't there :( but I'm still glad I was able to go by and say goodbye to them! Then I went and said goodbye to the Minch family. Best Ward Mission Leader ever! Seriously he was so awesome. I hope I have others just like him. His family is so adorable! Miss them already. I then went and said goodbye to the Medinas. I can't say more than that. I was such a wreck! Oh my goodness. They just adopted me when I came in and I always felt like I was home with them. I just cried and cried and I couldn't say goodbye. It was beyond hard!

I then went and had my last scripture study with Sonia. Since she came to General Conference last October, she has only missed church 3 times! She has been teaching the Sunbeams every Sunday for the past 2 months. I love her so much! She came over this morning with pancakes saying I needed to eat. Made me cry it was so rough! Don't even know how I can leave these wonderful people.

Well I better leave it at that, but here we go to area #2! I'm excited for a new adventure. Love you all and miss you! Talk to you soon!

Hermana Martin

Saying goodbye to the trio with Hma. Sutherland and Hma. Hubert

Hmas. Sutherland and Hubert signing Sierra's quilt

Sierra's new companion, Hermana Blackford

A view of Sierra's new area, St. David

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