Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9th - Semana #1 en El Rio

Estoy en espanol otra vez!! Si estoy tan feliz :) ya puedo ver una diferencia en mi espanol porque estoy hablandolo mas. Una bendicion :)   (I am in a Spanish area again!!  Yes, I am so happy   :)   Already I can see a difference in my spanish because I am speaking it more.  A blessing.  :)  )

That's it for Spanish for now haha. Yesterday (first day at the church) at the end of Sacrament Meeting there was a little time left so they asked me to come up and introduce myself and bear my testimony.  Oh man, don't know why it freaked me out so bad.  Probably because in the mission I've only given 2 talks and gone up to bear my testimony once. I don't like crowds. But it went surprisingly well!  Didn't have too hard a time with the espanol.   :P

El Rio is a lot of fun :) I already really like the members here. I miss both my last 2 areas but I know I'm here for a reason. This area has not been doing as great lately but I hope that my greenie fire will be able to help this area :) 

I am back in my old Zone. It is like I just went on a short vacation haha. Super glad to be back in the all-Spanish Zone. Spanish pride! After Zone Meeting this past week, I was close to where Hermana Maciell now is and so I went to go see her. Oh she was so happy!! I love my abuelita :) she is doing a bit better which I was so glad to see    :)

I'm doing the new member lessons with D.C.   :)   I began teaching her while visiting with her sister in El Dorado.  So it is super cool going from starting to teach her to now doing her new member lessons  :)   Also Hermana M. in the branch went to the temple yesterday to be sealed to her family.  She is C. F.'s mom, Y's wife. So in a year they will all be able to be sealed together! So awesome :)

We're going to the gem show today that comes to Tucson every February. So excited! Lots of pictures to come next week! Love you all so much! Happy Valentine's Day week! JK  That holiday doesn't exist here ;)

Con mucho amor

Hermana Martin

Sierra and Hermana Dominguez

Sierra with her "adopted" grandma, Hermana Maciell

"My companion was going to hair school!"

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