Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 7th, 2014


I am still so sad to have missed Laurel's graduation :( Especially since I wouldn't have had to listen to Hicks speak. You should all continue to send me Dear Elders! I got 6 letters on one day this past week and now my entire district hates me. But I don't care haha! I'm trying to figure out how much to write....because I have a 5 page letter at home that I am sending out Monday morning and I don't want to just repeat it all haha.

I did a session at the temple this morning and, right before I went in, an elderly woman came up to me and asked if I was going to the 9:20 session. I said I was and she asked me to do a family name for her because she had 2. It was such a wonderful experience and I just absolutely loved it! She told me after that she (the sister I did the name for) will bless me in my life because I blessed her. I told her I was a missionary and she then said that she will likely be there with me :) a really cool experience for sure.

I have seen Elder Page!!!! We ran into each other on Sunday at the fireside and it was awesome!! He came up to me after and we kind of had a freak out haha, it was pretty much amazing ;) don't worry about it. Handshake only! It was hard not to hug the kid haha. 
I have so much to tell you!! But I already did, in the letter, which is going out next week.........bummer. Well! You are all so great :) keep sending me letters! I have yet to miss a day in the MTC where I didn't get mail (Sunday doesn't count). DearElders are coming the day after now. Finally haha. If you look at the rules online, if you send it after a certain time then they won't get sent the next day. I haven't sent Dear Elders since Colton was in the MTC so it has been a little bit haha.  I got my package and absolutely loved it!!!!!!! Haha as did my Hermanas y mi districto. The goodies have been used well ;) and it gave us a great laugh haha. Made my whole week :) thank you so so so much!!!! I love you :)

So on P Days, here is my normal schedule. Wake up at 5:30, do laundry before the service project at 6:15, move stuff to the dryer and do breakfast to catch the 8:35 bus to go do a session at the temple, do emails for about half the time after that, do lunch, come back to Wyview, hang out, use the rest of email time, gym time, dinner, and then class from 5:15 until 9:15. SO now you kind of have an idea as to what I do with Saturdays.

As mentioned previously, I have the world's best letter to send to you on Monday so you will get to hear from me then ;) it has all the cool stuff that I've been doing. I get a lot of emails actually haha. What I need to do is write a long, awesome letter to you, then copy and paste it in the others and add an extra little note to make it personal and then call it good ;) that may be my plan next week because I have 13 emails to respond to today. Popular much right?!  I got Laurel's letter today SO, except for Sundays, I have gotten a letter every single day!! Please keep writing so I can keep that record unbroken ;) Clark has been the greatest contributor so far with his awesome daily DearElders :)

I miss you all so so much!! I say that a lot....but I actually had a dream last night about the day that I get home from the airport. I then realized that once I'm it totally blew my mind haha. I miss you all so much! And I hope to keep hearing about yo done at the MTC, I'm not coming home...I am going to Arizona. And I was tired mind you, but I hope to keep hearing about your many adventures! I expect pictures from the vacation :) I'm still very sad to be missing it.

OH!!! I finished memorizing My Purpose as a Missionary and The First Vision in English and in Spanish. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!! Nos vemos!!!!!!!

Hermana Martin

 Sierra with her first package from home!

Arizona bound!

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