Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 31, 2014

Hello hello! Just your favorite redhead here checking in. I am loving the MTC and I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to be here. I am over on the West Campus, AKA Wyview Apartments and I am at Raintree to study during the day. I am an apartment complex or two down from where Hayley used to live haha! Little did I know then that one day I would practically live there too right?!

Anyways, my companion actually never showed up so I am alone! Only kidding. I am in a trio companionship with Hermana Walker y Hermana Atkin. We have a lot of fun together. It is only the three of us in an apartment and I have my own room. All I can say is God loves me. I will enjoy this blessing while I have the chance.
The three of us and 2 elders, Elder Chun and Elder Condie are the only ones in our District. Smallest district ever! But we have a lot of fun :) 

I was called to be the Sister Training Leader for my District. I have to keep track of three of us. So difficult right? Haha but I can't complain. P-days are on Saturdays! I exercise every day for an hour. We do volleyball or basketball mostly. Cold is slowly getting better. the finger hurts but the blister has since popped. I can't send pictures unless I print them so I will try to do that next week. Food is okay. We went up to main campus today and the food was awesome! So we have better rooms but they have better food. Trade off!

Anyways...Only been here for 3 days so I don't have too much to say haha. I love you all so much!! I will send you a written letter in the next day or two. Been super busy trying to learn Spanish. We had to teach a lesson in Spanish only yesterday for 45 minutes. Not the easiest thing I've ever done!

Stay awesome!! I will talk to you later!!

Hermana Martin

PS Send me letters!!!
PPS It is not letting me upload pictures so I will send some later!!!

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