Monday, June 30, 2014

June 21

Hello Family!
 I only have 2 weeks left!  Well, 2 weeks from Monday. The oldest district leaves on Monday and then the elders in my district become the Zone Leaders. And then, actually, I will be the District Leader of my district. When you don't have elders, that is how it works! So hopefully that will be the only time that I will be a district leader ;) sister training leader is a much better title.

 I am so excited to meet the Passeys on Monday (her mission president and his wife). OH I got a letter on Monday and they are coming into the MTC and I'm going up to main campus on Monday to meet them!  And I'm the only missionary here going to Tucson so...I just get to chill with them for an hour :) and I can see this being a very rewarding experience.

This past Sunday, we were privileged to hear from Sheri Dew. She was a wonderful speaker and she spoke about grace. And then on Tuesday, Elder M. Russell Ballard came. In my hand written letter I will send some of my thoughts from their talks.  I've been singing in the choir every week. Front row ;) like a boss. We did Consider the Lilies of the Field this week. We are doing Praise to the Man this week and the devotional is at a different time on Tuesday. With all the mission presidents coming in this week, we are fairly certain it is the prophet. I will never sing better in my whole life if he is here haha! I am very excited.

2 of my friends from Bingham who I graduated with, Marie Ward (played lacrosse together for a year and she worked at LifeTime Cafe for a while) and Krysten Tayler (played in orchestra together) came into the MTC this past week. It was so much fun seeing familiar faces! And faces of those who are over 20 ;) at 20 years old, I'm still the oldest in the district haha. Hopefully I get another oldie this week! So I was a New Missionary Host this week, just like when I was taken care of when you dropped me off!  When sisters came to West Campus, I helped them with luggage and getting them to their classroom. Believe it or not, out of the 4 girls I helped, I had a connection with 2 of them! One of them, Kayla Hansen, is from Idaho Falls and actually played basketball with Julie, Clark's sister! (Clark Hatch is Sierra's brother-in-law, Hayley's husband). And she knows the Hatch family. How crazy?! Now it gets even weirder.... I helped another young woman whose name was Hermana Tate. I asked her if she knew Brooke or Anne Tate and she said "Those are my cousins!!" and then I said "You wouldn't happen to know Johnathon Tate would you?" (The personal trainer from LifeTime) "That's my brother!!!" SMALL WORLD!!! So tell President Tate that she says hello :)

I've had a fun week of fulfilling my calling to be 'Mama Marti­n' haha. Sorry Mom, I actually do get called that here. One of the girls here was having a rough day and I got to just be a mom for her (I'll share the full story in a handwritten letter) and then I got to take a sister to the dentist because she 'needed her mom there' and I was 'a good replacement' :) It has been a very wonderful week. Remember the story I shared last week about Elder Olvera? He had yet to receive his mission visa and I was praying and then asked the Hermanas to join me. The morning he got it, I had told him at breakfast, "Hey, I've been praying for you and so have the Hermanas. I am feeling it today. Today is the day that you are going to get it." And he did! I've shared that already sorry, BUT on Sunday, during Priesthood meeting, they were sharing some of their best experiences from the past week with the Branch Presidency.  President Stewart said they were nice stories, and then Olvera just quickly shared that story, and then Olvera told me that President Stewart then began to cry. Not just a few tears, but full on crying. He then bore testimony to the elders about the power of sister missionaries. It came up in Zone Council as well, and it was just great :)

 Love you all so much! Keep me updated on your adventures! Dear Elders are fantastic!!!!!

Pray for you to be safe morning and night :) and my prayers come true so....don't screw it up ;) estoy bromeando.("I'm joking") Love you!                                         Hermana Marti­n
Sierra with the sisters in her District.

Sierra's preaching license - the pen is covering her return date!

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