Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 14th

We got 2 new districts this past week. 4 sisters and 5 elders. 1 elder didn't show up so there is a trio. Wahoo! The sisters are great and I've had a lot of fun being Momma Martin. Yes, that is my name haha. Feeling cool.
The packages this week were both so awesome! The Oreo thing has made my life. I've been eating Oreos every day since I got it haha.  MTC 15!!!  I hope not...I'll have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Meaning you would actually ;) so I'm being good.

Cool experiences this past week!!!  

Elder Olvera in my district leaves a week from Monday and he hasn't gotten his Visa yet. I asked him if he had prayed yet and he said no. So I have been praying and got my Hermana's to do it as well. So yesterday, at breakfast I told him, "Hey, I prayed for you this morning to get your Visa and I'm feeling good. My prayers always come true." Kinda joking, but you know me haha. And.....5 hours later, he comes running to me while I was outside studying, "IT CAME!!!!" Kind of awesome haha!

With the new elders coming in, I found out that 1 was from South Jordan. Elder Smart, graduated in 2013, knows Laurel. Anyways, he said when he first met me he recognized me...and then it hit him! He is BFFs with Matt Page and was at his farewell and went to our talk!  Haha so he was at my mission farewell. Small world!

I got another package the same day that I got the Oreo package. It was from Amazon. I opened it and it was a 24 package of Goldfish crackers. I was super confused. There was a note inside and it quoted the scripture from Matthew about being 'fishers of men' and a small note. It was from the Berube's. It made my life, I seriously just cried. I would love their address so I can write them :)

Your package that I got yesterday with the pictures just made my life. I was just showing off the pictures last night and again today. I love you so much!!!  I've been wanting more pictures and this was exactly what I wanted :) Love yer guts.

So after class this past week, we ran into 2 'investigators' from Guatemala who asked us all these super hard questions about the church. I tried to answer them the best I could and I was actually doing extremely well. It was our entire district, so there were 5 of us and we talked to them for 40 minutes. Lost our gym time, so sad.  At the end, he was asking about families. So again, fully in Spanish, I bore my testimony on eternal families and for the opportunity to be with Heavenly Father and those we love for the rest of eternity. It was amazing, I can't even tell you how it felt. He asked us if he (Jose) and his wife (Hely) could meet with us again. So we have an appointment on Monday.  Should be an awesome  experience :)

2 funny stories. So we went on a walk in the middle of class with our teacher and he walked around saying what things were in Spanish. He taught us pebble...I can't think of it now, starts with a 'p'...but later, he picked up a pebble and asked what it was, and Hermana Walker yelled at the top of her lungs 'Pedo!' to which Hermano Howard just lost it. He then said, "No, actually that means 'fart.' So....we had a kick out of that. So many Spanish mess ups, I'll tell more later.

 Playing volleyball this past week and there was this HUGE Tongan on the other team. We were playing and the ball was going to him and I got this strong impression to drop, before the ball was even near him. I've learned to listen, so I dropped to my knees, and right then the Elder spiked the ball and it barely missed the head (it blew my hair a bit) and knocked the Elder behind me down. Saved my face. Pretty good day.

Well....that was a lot haha!  I want to be better at emails so I made a list of things to tell you ;) you're welcome!

Hermana Martin

Sierra's District sisters showing where they are going. 

 Sierra with her next-door neighbor (aka "little" brother) Elder Matt Page at the MTC.

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