Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26th - Our Amazing Week of Miracles!!

I don't know if I have time to even write half of the amazing things that have happened this week. 

We've really seen the Lord's hand in all that we do here and are so grateful that we are serving here in El Rio. I'll be sad to (likely) leave in 2 weeks but I know that He will put me where I need to go!

We are teaching an amazing new family that the Zone Leaders passed off to us this past Tuesday. They have read the Book of Mormon and believe it is true! They are coming to a baptism with us on Thursday and I'm really excited for them to have that experience! They weren't able to make it to church on Sunday because one of the girls was sick but Melissa, Ashley, and Arely came to church! We were able to hit standards this past week which was really great! 

Oh wow, Sunday was just amazing!!! One family after another showed up at church on Sunday! Ixerida and her family (Arandeny, getting baptized on the 13th), Yeris and Ashley (13th too), Hermana and Eric Robles, Karlena Borbon and her whole family, the Munoz family, Hermano Villalobos, etc. It was too awesome! It was the best Sunday I've had here by far! We also had our investigator Francisco at church who we're passing off to the elders tonight. 

We went on exchanges this past week and I was in Sonora. I was able to see Hermana Quijada and Evelyn who have since moved from El Dorado. Really cool “coincidence” (no such thing) running into them while I was there on exchanges! They are both doing really well.  :)   Exchanges were fun and Hermana Adams did great her first time in the area for a whole day without me. She is going to do such amazing things here in El Rio :)   So excited for her!

The zoo was fun last week! While I don't believe it was quite worth  $9 we have a lot of fun memories from it. We have a super great zone here haha. I'll be sad to see so many of our awesome missionaries go home in 2 weeks. It will be crazy to see what happens at the end of this transfer. We're all just really unsure!

We are getting our iPads tomorrow before or after District Meeting. So next week I'll likely be emailing from my iPad. Weird!

We hiked a different hike up in Sabino Canyon yesterday and it was a lot of fun! Afterwards we had a carne asada luncheon a la casa de la familia Santacruz :) it was so much fun going up there with everyone! I am really sore though because after we still went to zone sports. I spent the first hour throwing around a lacrosse ball :D an elder had his parents send him his stick and then he bought another one! Oh it was so great!! I gave myself 2 blisters because I've lost my calluses but it was seriously so great! Want to send me my stick? Haha just kidding. That would be cool though.

Our Branch Missionary Leader leaves on his mission to Chicago tomorrow, Jesus Peralta. We're so excited for him! He is going to be such a great missionary! We went to Jesus' house on Saturday evening for his farewell party and guess who I saw, the Ortiz Family!! Hermana Peralta is his cousin!! I freaked out to say the least haha! They are such an amazing family :) I love seeing their desire to do missionary work and that they still remember me haha ;) yay!!!! I seriously love them and all the other members in El Dorado :)

We also dropped John this past week. It is a bummer but we know that right now he isn't ready. One day though :) for sure!

Okay that's all! Love you! Talk to you soon!

Hermana Martin

Last week's zoo trip

Sierra titled this one "Family Reunion"
(it took me a minute, but Hma. Adams is 6' 1" so the Elder is several inches taller than that - the rest of their "family" is in the background)

U-Swirl yogurt after the zoo

Sabino canyon hike yesterday (Memorial Day)

This is a picture in Sierra's manual for their new Ipads they are getting.  
She is convinced that it was taken in Daybreak somewhere
 and challenged us to find the location.  We will have to go looking!

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