Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11th

HI! It is crazy emailing right now after I just spoke to you all yesterday. It went by WAY too fast. I seriously could not even believe it. I do at times still wish that I could see your faces but I guess that will just make it even more special when I do see you all again. Even after hanging up I could not get over Bryant's voice. I can't believe I thought Dad was talking haha! I miss you all like crazy, BUT I have never been more determined at the same time :) I love this work and I am excited to give it my all! I love being able to take this time to give Him everything :) every day, good or bad, is worth it!

My week has been awesome! Busy but awesome :) Tuesday we went up to the Gila Valley Temple! The transfer van was a lot more calm than last August the last time I went with the zone because President Passey was driving the transfer van haha! And I, being me, called front seat. 5-6 hours of talking with President Passey = win! It was great getting to hear about his life while living in parts of Europe and different places in the United States. He truly is a man of many talents. He declined my extension request though...maybe if I make him cookies it will change his mind! We went out to lunch and this Hawaiian food place. Super good! We loved it a lot.

We have taken cookies to a good handful of sisters in the branch for mothers day :) We don't have our moms here but we are so grateful that these wonderful sisters have really taken us in. One sister that I just love here is Hermana Wright. She is the best! She is always ready and willing to come out with us, help us in time of need, gives amazing advice, and will suddenly take us out to a Chinese Buffet because she loves us! She has been so wonderful to me lately and to all the missionaries. Can't wait for you all to meet her.

The Mother's Day activity for the branch was really fun! It was cool to see how it brought so many people together! Members, non members, investigators, less actives, etc. We left a little early for an appointment but we had a great time!

So we were inspired this past week :D want to hear about it? We have several families that we work with and we try to have come to church. Well, many of these families have children who are in Primary. SO we went around and taught 7 of them, from 3 different families, the songs for Mother's Day that the Primary sings! One in English and the other in Spanish. We had them keep it a secret but to have them help their parents to come to church so that they could surprise them. All 3 families came! Power of children :D love them to death! One that came was la familia Villalobos! Arandeny is so excited to get baptized on the 5th :) she is such a cutie! And her sister Sherlene as well. She actually cried in a lesson this past week when her mom told her so had to wait til she was 8 to get baptized haha, she is adorable.

I'm still mad at you for killing Pikachu (we had to tell Sierra we can't get her car to start) poor baby. I knew she had been on my mind for a reason. I should have just brought her with me. Just kidding, but that would have been cool haha!

Well I'm calling that good! My fingers actually really are sore now haha. Love you! Talk to you soon!

Hermana Martin

The Aggie companions on their Saturday morning hike

Another trip to the Gila Valley Temple

Sierra's phone call home - the only way we get to see her face 
since we don't get to Skype.       :( 

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