Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19th - Spider, Flat Tires, and iPads...OH MY!!

This has been a week of hard work, miracles, and just a bunch of random crazy stuff that has made this week an absolute rollercoaster!

I learned how to play Rugby last Monday I think that I will like it a lot more after the mission though once I can play it like it is supposed to be played haha! But it was a lot of fun! We saw Melissa that night with the Gastelums and then 2 more times during the week. She is doing so awesome! Her little sister also wants to take the lessons. She loved Mutual this past week :) she is awesome! She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but we are hoping this week :)

On Tuesday night I abandoned my companion for 4 1/2 hours! She had 4 lessons with Genevieve! Yea, they are both pretty much amazing! I went with Hermana Wright to see a referral from English. Guess what, we are teaching a gypsy! Yep! She is so awesome! We saw her again later last week and are hoping to go up again. She lives like 45 minutes north of us. It is hard having such a huge area honestly! We are always so busy.

Arandany and her family are so awesome! They are actually having us over for dinner tonight :) she loved church on Sunday and answered all the questions because it was about the Priesthood which was one of our lessons this past week! She is so excited to be baptized on the 5th! As are her cousins Ashley and Dimas :) their whole family also came on Sunday which was so amazing! It has been amazing to see these 2 families grow so much because of the example of their children!

Thursday night after Correlation, we came home and were called by our Zone Leaders who seemed very distraught. There was a 'huge brown recluse' on their car and they wanted help to get rid of it.  They needed a flashlight and they know that I 'always have everything.' I've been labeled as the mom haha!  Anyways, we go over and they are acting so weird and I seriously was expecting it to be a joke and that someone was hiding in the truck who was going to scare us. Elder Petrungero had the flashlight and then yelled when he found it!  All you could see were 3 HUGE legs sticking out of the side of the bed of the truck! Spread out that thing was as big as the palm of my hand easily. It then started running over the top of the truck (really fast I may add) and the elders freaked! I took off my sandal and chased it down and killed the sucker. It was so nasty. I left part of it on the car haha! So awesome. The next day they made us a treat to thank us. Pictures to come.....

The Los Reales elders got a flat tire this past week and we had to go help them because we were the closest missionaries with a Ford Fusion and they didn't have the equipment to fix it. Well, turns out our car was too new, so they had to call the El Dorado elders. They didn't have the equipment either! Which wasn't discovered until they were already out there. So they somehow made our equipment work and we finally got the tire off! Then a man showed up at the park who used to have a towing business and finished the job in like 3 minutes. How many missionaries does it take to fix a flat tire? The answer is 6 apparently.

Wow! This is already so long! And no one even reads this so I guess I better finish this up. Elder Evans from the Seventy and Brother Allen, the Executive Director from the Missionary Department came down from SLC yesterday and gave us training on how to be better missionaries and also how to be missionaries in the digital age. We will be given further training and our iPads either this week or next. I hope that these tools will make our mission stronger and not weaken it any more. They both called our mission out on being a disobedient mission....crazy.

We've been so well taken care of this week by many members! The dinner calendar was left at church and we didn't have dinners all week. Amazing members offered us dinner all week and we were able to survive! Haha but really, we are so well taken care of here. I absolutely love the branch and I'll be sad to leave here, probably very soon. Interviews with President were this past week and I am not hopeful of staying after this transfer.

Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Hermana Martin

Visiting people

Flat tire problems

Thank you cake Sierra got for killing the huge spider for the Elders.......
Girl Power!!!

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