Friday, December 26, 2014

December 22nd - Christmas is almost here!!!

We've been busy at work and have been loving it here in El Dorado. As always, I don't know when I'll be leaving. It might be before the new year or after. It will be any time after next Monday or even next Monday. I am really hoping I find out soon. This past Sunday I felt it very strongly that my time here was coming to an end. I don't want it to but I really hope that my 6 months serving in El Dorado made a difference. I will never ever forget my new family here.
You would all be so proud.  It has been a very music filled week! This morning for our Mission Conference Christmas Devotional we were invited (Sutherland and I) to play "In the Bleak Midwinter" with President and Sister Passey! Talk about pressure! I said I would only play if we found a viola. We found a viola. Dang it haha! Just kidding, I am really excited to try new things here and to find a better me. It was so beautiful! I loved playing a viola again! We also played prelude (piano, violin, viola, and bass) for 15 minutes before the meeting started. All on the spot and it turned out so pretty! We have the instruments for a bit more time so we are going to go out caroling-orchestra style. Really excited!
We took a less active of a few years to the church this past Thursday. She even came with her friend who was at her house who isn't a member. We went into the chapel and there was such a strong peace. It was amazing. After several minutes in silence, I went up and played "Asombre me da" ("I Stand All Amazed") which is her favorite song. Hermana Sutherland sang and hummed on and off and I played a few other hymns. It was so powerful and she said that that night she received her answer that she needs to come back to church. Music is something so powerful that I didn't fully appreciate before the mission. I love how the spirit can invite the spirit so quickly.
Please keep Hermana Maciell in your prayers. Her health isn't doing so well and she's fallen a few times the past little bit. She got out of the hospital today so I'm really excited to go see her this evening. We are going to play for her too :)
I love our little Christmas tree! Having the lights on in the evening makes it feel so much more like Christmas :) thank you so so much for adding that detail into our Christmas. We both love it so much!
I'll leave it at that! Lots of emails to respond to. Love you all so much! Can't believe I'm calling you in a few days. Expect it some time in the morning. It shall be a surprise ;) haha love you!!

Hermana Martin

Sierra and Hermana Sutherland

Nativity at St Joseph's Hospital 

Zona del Sur (South Zone)

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