Friday, December 26, 2014

December 15th - 3 companions in 1 week, 2 baptisms, and a whole lot of fun!!!

I don't know how to have enough time to talk about this awesome week. I'm just going to start and see how far I get!!  Hermana Erickson left Tuesday morning for Panama :(   and it is really sad that she is not here anymore. I have had such a fun week with Samantha though!! She is ready now to go on a mission!  She has been such a help to those we teach and has taught me so much! She has such a fire! She wanted to break my old record of 31 lessons. We got 34 :) nothing short of amazing!

My new companion is Hermana Sutherland!! She is a Sister Training Leader! We are also getting Hermana Hubert on the 29th who served for 6 months in Peru then got sick. Shortly after she comes in, I'll be leaving because President has another area where he said he needs me to go but he doesn't want to leave the area without a good support system so I'm breaking Hermana Sutherland into the area first. 2 more weeks in the best place on earth :( 
I am still beyond sad thinking about leaving.

The baptisms this past week were amazing!! Maria Garsia and Paulina are such examples to me :) their faith has strengthened me and I could not be happier :) they are both so strong and I can't wait to see how much their example will bless those whom they know and will know.

At the Christmas party this past Friday we had 4 investigators come. It was amazing to see how great our members were at fellowshipping and helping to include everyone that came! 
I am literally in the most amazing branch in the whole world :)   Just saying.

Giovanni has a baptismal date for 3 de enero (January 3rd). He is just soaking in everything we tell him. Loved seeing him at church and his desire to know more about Maria and Paulina receiving the Holy Ghost. :)

Keep Israel in your prayers. He was having a heart attack and has bronchitis and is still in the hospital. We are seeing him tomorrow.

That is all I have time to write about!  I can write for hours about my amazing time here as a missionary :) the church is true!! Love the work!

Hermana Martin

Maria Garsia at her baptism

Paulina's baptism

Sierra with her "one week" companion Samantha Padilla.

Sierra's new companion Hermana Sutherland

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