Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st - My 84 degree Thanksgiving!

Yes! 84 here for Turkey Day! Didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all, just a day with lots of super amazing food! We ate with the Larese Family in the afternoon and later with the Pineda Family. SO glad that Thanksgiving isn't year round. That was our worst day for finding people EVER! Haha but now things are back to normal!

This week will be busy to prepare for next week. We have 3 baptisms next week! Yea! All the hard work and all the dates somehow compiled all into next week and it will be super busy! Especially because (rumor has it) Hermana Erickson will be in Panama by the 11th. Not sure what that means for us for next week. I'm praying super hard that we aren't white washed. I really want to stay here in El Dorado for a transfer more. 

Paulina and Maria Garsia both had their interviews on Wednesday night :) I was so excited for both of them! They are so wonderful and I can't wait for their baptisms next week!

I forgot my planner where I wrote little notes of all the things I need to talk about....6 month mark! Martinez Family was out of town so I didn't get to go use their firepit to burn a shirt. I may do it belated ;) haha!

I got your package this past week!!! Oh man, I love my mission clothes, but having a little bit of home was SO nice! My USU sweats have made me so beyond happy! And all the bacon stuff...haha!! We've really gotten a kick out of it! Hermana Erickson asked, "What's up with your family and bacon and oreos?" And I responded, "Oh, it isn't them. It's just me!" Haha!!! Yea, I'm pretty special.

Keep sending your prayers our way that we will have a smooth week with the baptisms coming up! We are doing so great and seeing so many miracles :) 4 investigators at church on Sunday and 8 baptismal dates. Love the work! Church is true!!!                                                       
Hermana Martin

Hermana Maciell trying Pixie Stix for the first time.  95 years old!  First time for everything!!

Gift from Isabel Garcia (a member). It is made from fish scales!! From a fish down in Columbia (where she is from!) So cool right?! 

Thanksgiving with the Lareses.

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