Friday, November 28, 2014

November 24th - My awesome week!!! Yes I broke my foot, BUT......

Yes I may have broken my foot and sprained my ankle, BUT it has still been a crazy awesome week!!!

We are seeing our new family of 6 tonight!! They are the cutest family every and we are so excited to give them a baptismal date! 

Giovanni came to church and he actually got emotional yesterday while watching The Restoration. He is really excited to get baptized the week before Christmas :) we can't think of a better Christmas present for him. His wife is a member and her family is all very excited that after several missionaries he is finally ready to take this step in his life! 

Maria Garcia came back from Mexico today so we're seeing her tonight! Her baptism is in 2 weeks :D   Getting so excited for her! She said she is so ready to get baptized haha!

Paulina has been sick a lot lately and wasn't able to come to church yesterday :( her baptism will be next week after her 3rd time at church. We have been watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with her. She absolutely loves it!

Other than that, it has been a busy, normal, and extremely awesome week! On Monday after I fell, I was on the floor just shaking and praying (in really fast Spanish apparently) just begging to not go home. I was so scared that this was it for me and all my nightmares about my foot hurting my ability to serve were coming true. I know that He is looking out for me and obviously I'm still needed here or it would have been worse. So thankful I get to stay here and see miracles every day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! So grateful for being a missionary!!!

Hermana Martin

Filling out paperwork at the hospital

Such pretty colors!

Boot decorating provided by investigator's children

Yellow companion unity - Accidental !  :) 

Sierra's version of "highlighting" in D&C 4.

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