Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17th - My Amazing Week! Best week ever!!!

Yes, I do mean every word of that! It has been the best 4 days ever since we last talked. We made goals as a companionship and we decided that we were going to use our greenie fire together to make this the strongest area in the mission!

Thursday- 8 lessons!!! We are seeing so many people with members and we even found a less active whom no missionary has seen in who knows how many months!

Friday- 7 lessons!! Waking up early to fit in more lessons is the best :) gives the day so much purpose!!

Sunday was the Temple Dedication yet we still had 7 lessons. 11 members present this week and 5 new investigators. We have been inviting EVERYONE to get baptized haha. I love being bold.

On Thursday night, we had an extra hour so I told Hma. Erickson we'll both pray and try to figure out who we need to see. We came up with the same 2 names.
1-Potentials who weren't home but we contacted an RM outside who is returning to activity who is going to start teaching with us.
2-Potential who we have been trying to find for 2 months. Found her and we are seeing her and her 5 teenagers tomorrow!

God is answering our prayers and we are staying so hard at work. 31 lessons this past week, and the goals for this week is 40!!! Wish us luck! Haha yes we are crazy!!

Hermana Martin

PS on Thursday I followed a prompting to see a less active. She had prayed because she is in a rough patch and God comforted her and said He would send the missionaries. Guess who then showed up on her front porch :) we're seeing her this week as well! Love El Dorado!!!

Sierra being Sierra with Hermana Erickson!

The President Uchtdorf shirt mentioned in last week's e-mail that hangs
 in her kitchen to remind them to stop snacking.  Ha ha!

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