Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 28th - Brother McBride fake arrested us at dinner last night

Hello my wonderful family!!

Well I just spoke to you all on Saturday so I don't have too much more to say haha. That was one of the best days of my life :)  seeing all of your wonderful faces and having the opportunity to share my love of missionary work with the soon to be Hermana Marti­n la segunda. I can't wait to begin to hear about all of her wonderful experiences on the mission. I will miss her but it is so worth it. 

We were able to watch Elder Scott's funeral this morning. I am glad that he is back with his wonderful wife. I can't imagine the pain of being separated from her for 20 years. One of my favorite Mormon Messages has always been "Expressions of Love" and it is even that much more special now.

Since my first week here I have been wanting so bad to hit over 30 lessons. FINALLY that was able to happen this past week with 34 lessons!! 18 of which were with investigators and we still had 10 hours of service! We found 4 new investigators, one of which is married to a member and she is fantastic. She keeps all of her commitments and we are just so excited for her!

Melissa has been coming out with us like crazy and we went with her to the Women's Conference down in Benson on Saturday. I am glad you got to meet her and Sister Evans on the Skype call :) it made it that much more special.

The Women's Conference was amazing! What made it super special was that I got to see so many people from my old area!! It was a big reunion! Hermana Mayberry, Loretta Howie, Sister Merrill, and so many others! It made me so happy. Loretta told me that not soon after I left, she was finally able to quit smoking after 50 years and thanks to the missionaries that was possible. She is so amazing :) I also got to see the Stirlings. Jeff was baptized 2 weeks after I left the area. St. David was a short part of my mission, but still very special.

Maria and her family are doing amazing!! They came to Women's Conference and loved it! They also came to all 3 hours of church. She kept participating during the classes. Because of the Primary Program we were combined with English so I translated the whole meeting for them. I can't remember the last time I was so tired haha! But that was good practice for me. We may move their date up a week if they keep progressing so well!

Last night, after our dinner appointment, we had Brother McBride arrest us. Sister Evans’ idea, don't ask me haha. I let Graham (4) put the handcuffs on me which was actually fun haha. Pictures to come!

Okay my fingers hurt. I am not a fan of emailing on the iPads but the computers at the library aren't working today. Love you all and miss you so much! Talk to you later!!

Hermana Mart­in 

Picture Sierra took while Skyping her family last Saturday.  She was given
special permission to Skype home to say goodbye to her sister Laurel who left for
her mission on Sep. 30.  They will not see each other for nearly 3 years!  :(

Sierra giving Laurel advice 
(while both are wearing their matching "Hermana Martin" nametags)

Sierra being "arrested"

Sierra and Hermana Evans in the police car

Visiting with old friends while attending the General Women's meeting: 

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