Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12th - Another transfer in Willcox!!!

Hello my amazing family! And I guess the few people who also read this on my blog haha. Not sure anyone even looks here anymore! But if you are still reading, I salute you.

Well, I guess first things first. Yes I broke my foot again. It has almost been a year since the last time, so I was due haha. I broke it playing basketball but then helped a family move for nearly 6 hours and just went on my merry way. When we came home, Sister Bushman pointed out that I was limping. I was aware that it hurt, but wasn't going to do anything about it. Well she had Dr. Bushman check it out and he said it was broken. I had x-rays the next day and they told me it wasn't broken. Dr. Bushman asked for the x-rays and then pointed to my 4th metatarsal. Wow, the break was so obvious. So now I get the boot again. And apparently, according to another opinion, I should be on crutches. We shall see. I am not about to give up my mobility. I am still driving haha, left foot! I have gotten a lot of practice with driving this way. It is so natural.

Well, transfer calls were on Saturday morning and I get to stay here to finish my mission!!     I am so happy that I don't have to go and do a one transfer and done somewhere else, that I get to finish strong here. 3 areas :) 13 companions jaja, I did not want #14. Can't wait to see what this last transfer will hold!
We went to the temple this morning with the Spanish branch. It was so much fun! I got to see Hermanas Garcia and Hubert! And Elders Oviedo and Elton! They came from New Mexico for Spanish day at the temple. Hermana Nandino took us up, she is so sweet!

So one quick miracle for the week! I did not save a lot of time for this email. Again. Next week I just really need to write this thing first. Well, we found a member here by accident and were able to go and visit with her. She recently moved into town.  We went to her house and saw that she didn't have any furniture. They were sleeping on the floor and it absolutely broke my heart.  I couldn't sleep well that night. I just prayed that somehow we would be able to find at least a bed for her. The following morning, we received the heartbreaking news that one of the less active members that I have been working with since getting here passed away. Her daughter asked us to come and help her box up her house (see broken foot story). Well we were doing that forever with our amazing elders here who came to help. At the end she asked if there was a place that they could go and drop off all the furniture that they didn't want to take with them. Hey!! Can anyone say 'answer to prayers'?! So we were able to get them a kind size bed with all the bedding for it, couch, glass table and chairs, TV, TV stand, a lamp for the living room (doesn't have light), and other blankets. It was such an amazing miracle that I will never forget!

Well I am gonna leave it at that! Love you like crazy! Talk to you again next week!!

"The field is white already to harvest"
Sierra took this picture at the Gila Valley temple this morning.

Emailing in her boot today.

Hermana Evans and Hermana Martin

You always gotta love a good "Elf" reference!
Especially one as true as this right now - Ha ha!

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