Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7th - Melissa's Baptism week!

Hello hello! I will try and make this a long email but I have to use my iPad so we shall see. It takes is Labor Day and the library is closed. Oh well, we will give this a shot!

Monday night, Sisters Hubert, Beatty, Barton and Reed had a sleepover because of transfers. It was a lot of fun haha. Yay for the Bushmans having a house that can fit all of us!

Hermana Evans came in on the transfer van around 10 but Hermana Garcia did not leave until about 1 when the sisters came back. I had a great time with Hermana Garcia.  In the end Hermana Garcia and I ended up learning so much from each other :) I do miss her and I hope she is doing well out in New Mexico.

Hermana Evans and I have been on fire! We worked crazy hard! On Tuesday alone, even with it being transfer day, we had 6 lessons and 4 were with investigators with members present. And that was only our first day haha. We are on fire. We found a new family. La familia Romero. The daughter is a little younger than me and has a 2 year old and is really interested.
So as you already know, Saturday was the big day! Melissa was baptized at 2 by Brother Bushman. It was such a special day! She had a lot of family come and a lot of members came to support her too. I am so grateful for such a strong Ward here that is just beyond wonderful. It was a very special day, as was Sunday when Garrett Douglas confirmed her :) I will never forget this weekend.

Some other fun things happened on Sunday! First of all, I got to see Hermano Medina!! He came down with Presidente Burrola to do some things on his ranch. It just was so great to talk with him again and spend time with him :)  When we come and visit in December we will be with him and his family like every single day haha. Also the pianist couldn't come so I was asked to play. Just for fun, I played the organ! First time ever and it didn't go so bad! Mom, I would love for you to teach me after the mission :) please and thank you!  Last of all, Mercedes came to church for all 3 hours and accepted a new date for Oct 10th!
Also, Sunday marked 6 years since my accident. Can you believe it has been that long? It was great to remember how blessed I am to still be here and for the hand of the Lord in my life. I know he takes care of each and every one of us. So grateful for all he gives me :) life really is so wonderful.

This morning we went out to Apple Annie's with the Bushmans. Lots of fun. Oh and earlier this week I helped Dr. Bushman kill a snake that got into the house. It ended up being a King snake....I felt bad. But it was in the house, it shoulda known better.

Well that is all! Survived the iPad haha. Great talking to you today, glad you all had fun in San Francisco....without me....anyways, love ya!  Haha.  Have a safe flight home!

Hermana Martin

Sister missionary sleepover!

Melissa's baptism!

Killing a king snake

Sierra loves running into old friends, like Bro. Medina, from her previous areas.

Sierra is hoping to prove she is taller than her "little" brother still 
(but she's not - he caught up to her while she's been gone!)

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