Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14th - Another great week here in Willcox!

Hello hello! Things are still going well here in Willcox! I don't have a lot to report on this week and I don't have a ton of time either. Using the iPad last week to email super slowed me down and I have a TON of emails that I need to respond to today!

Last P Day was great! We watched church movies and caught up on journaling. Last night I finished my most recent journal ( took a little less than 3 months ) so now I'll be starting my last one today! Can't even believe that. Maybe if I write a TON I can squeeze in one more haha.

On Wednesday we went up to the Gila Valley for Zone Meeting. Sister Bushman took us up again. She is the best! It is like living with your parents and they are just so beyond sweet. Can't wait for you to meet them. We were able to pay her back only a little this morning by digging up her drain and cleaning it out because roots had grown inside of it and were clogging the pipes. We had a good time! She called the elders and asked them to come do it. We were offended that she felt the need to ask the elders so we went and did it ;) haha!

Quick story from P Day. I was craving Honeycomb cereal and we did our shopping in Safford because they have a Walmart. Well I couldn't find any Honeycomb and I was heartbroken. Hermana Evans told me that I was blind and that she could find it. I told her I'd give her a dollar if she could find my Honeycomb. The picture attached shows what happened haha.

Melissa is doing fantastic as always!! She got her temple recommend on Sunday and we are planning on going up to the temple this upcoming Saturday so she can do baptisms for the first time! I am so excited for her :)  She got me a super beyond cute koala necklace this past week! This is why you don't tell people your favorite animal haha. But she is so cute :) Love her! Everyone in the ward has been so great with fellowshipping her, especially the Douglas family and the Bushmans. I am so happy to be here :)

So we've had great success with the Spanish branch this past week! We were able to have a lesson with L.C. who hasn't let missionaries in for who knows how long. She really likes us, especially when she found out that Zac was my cousin haha! (Sierra's step-cousin served in Tucson 2 or so years ago).  Also Hermana T. came to church on Sunday with her husband and her 3 youngest kids! That is the first time that has happened since I got here! We were so excited!

To finish out, I need to tell you about the Lopez family :)  We asked a less active that we were visiting before for referrals. She said her neighbor across the way didn't speak any English but was super nice. So we stopped by! We only have talked to her for brief moments because she was always busy. I honestly thought she was simply avoiding us, but now I know otherwise. She has a mom with terminal cancer who lives with her and who is also on dialysis and she is always running out helping her. Her father died in April of cancer as well. She has 3 girls, including twin 9 year-olds. We saw her twice this past week. The first time on Friday, we taught the Restoration and she told us that she knows all this is true and she wants to be baptized. I honestly feel like I have done nothing as a missionary. 
Maria, Melissa, and so many others have not been searched out, they have been put right in our path. I am so grateful that I get to be here to see the Lord do His work! This blessing has brought me so much joy.

Love you so much! Miss you like crazy and I hope that you have a great week!!

Hermana Martin

Here is how the cereal search story turned out!

Digging out Sister Bushman's drain.

We sent Sierra a family picture from our recent trip to San Francisco.
She sent me back this doctored photo with the title:
So the family is all back together again now!  Ha ha.

Sierra and her companion Hermana Evans

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